Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 13

Our consciousness is filled with the Light of the Truth when we are aware of these principles. When we focus on God as our lavish God, then we are filled with that Truth.

In this video we discuss how the word ‘God’ brings up some limitations because we were taught that God is the Father. Some of our earthly fathers fall short of the mark, so it’s hard to comprehend that God can be limitless, or lavish, or omnipresent. The word God sometimes brings certain ideas and preconceived notions to the idea of the Source. For us, it humanizes the Spirit.

The word ‘Energy’ seems to help us more because it’s easier for us to see Energy as limitless, everywhere, and in all things.

When we realize that we all have our very own supply there’s no need for competition or jealousy or envy. We can then focus on uncovering our own supply and encouraging others to uncover theirs.

Please share your insights and perspective below so that we may learn from you! Also, share these Feeding Friend-zys with your friends please! The more perspectives we have, the more clarity we may gain.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I listened to video just before study gap this morning and it was a nice layer. I feel better today, hopeful even. I don’t. understand the highs and lows that occur in feelings, but I know the importance of spiritual tools in your toolbox.

    God the father or Goddess the mother..I struggled with names for a long time until I figured out it was energy field and it is nameless. Once I told my ego thank you but love is what is important the struggle for name recognition ended. The Presence is what is important for me.

    Since I felt powerless the last few days I read about POWER in the 12 Powers book. Feel better and started using affirmations. Really helped.

    • I am so glad that you have had an up day today. I am not there yet, but making my way. I am digging deep and just feeling emotions and just riding the waves, keeping my head above water. Tomorrow will be better.

      • Vivian Miller says

        Study group was really awesome today. Part of our discussing was going around the table giving examples of how people deal with fear. The responses were amazing and somehow in the process I felt transformed. Shit happens and then shift happens.

        It might have been my biology, fear of paying tuition creeping in. Who knows? I just know it is important to keep your toolbox clean. Your mental crescent wrench needs to be able to fit your hand and the screwdriver needs to fit those screws that throw us. Of course the hammer has to have a good grip to smash the negativity. And your are the carpenter who has to wield the tools.

        We just need to ride the wave and know as they say in the program “this too shall pass.”

  2. My mind is really caught by this word lavish. I had to look it up…….it means sumptuously rich, luxurious and also given freely in large quantities. I love this. It helps me so much to use the word energy and also love. And Unity has helped me to understand God as a Power and a Presence. When I think that I AM lavish Abundance, I feel that I would be able to give in such a way that I would never feel depleted, and I would always have all that I need and even more. How wonderful that is. I like Vivian, want my conciousness to be filled with this truth.

    • Ooooh, I LOVE that definition Heather. Thanks for looking that up. That really makes it yummy doesn’t it? Some WONDERFUL thoughts you’ve given me this afternoon. THANK YOU!

  3. Vivian Miller says

    I can see God as energy, all knowing, omniscient, if you will. When I think of God as a man, that is limiting. I am still trying to align myself with the idea that Iam consciousness and God is that. I realize energy is ever present and never dies.

    When I see God as lavish, I think that could be me as well. I can be lavish in so many areas. My lavishness is unlimited.

    I am conscious of the inner presence as my lavish abundance. I want my consciousness to be filled with the power of truth only. I want to continue on until I believe this in totality.

    If my God supply is unlimited than I have nothing to be concerned about.

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