Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 12

In spite of Lizabeth’s head cold, we had a really good discussion about God and Energy. We talk about the Divine Presence I AM being our source and supply.

We must ‘get’ these principles in our mind AND heart! We must believe and trust them before we will take action on these principles as a reaction to the circumstances and conditions in our lives.

The words of these statements don’t change when we re-read them each time around, but WE change so that we see different things from a different perspective. Lizabeth points out that we must also have an open mind and heart to receive the understanding and knowing from these statements.

We have ALL of God within us acting through us and as us. Lizabeth uses a great analogy of the fingers on a hand to show how we are all connected and have a collective power. I AM Divine as a finger on the hand of God.

Please share your wisdom and insights in the comment section below. Also, please share this plan with all your friends and family. Help us raise the prosperity consciousness of the world for 2014!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I am at the college library, but wanted to start my day with you guys before I attack my homework. I AM Divine Presence. I just wanted to reverse the order to see how that feels. Interestingly I read an old Daily Word this morning and the reference to John said (paraphrasing) that I will be able to do the things HE did and even greater. So my Divine Presence is acknowledged and feels good. I have been a little lethargic the last couple days. My spirit has just not been perky. I am not putting a label on the feeling in my body, but know it will pass. I know I can’t be a firecracker every day, and I know I used to feel this way and immediately started judging or doing something dysfunctional to distract myself instead of just feeling what I need to feel.

    The affirmation in The Loving Course this morning was “God is everywhere I go.” So I will hold on to that thought and bask in my divineness and know whatever I am feeling will pass. Perhaps I just need more sleep! Thank you for wonderful insights.

    • Vivian Miller says

      Correction: It was The Course in Miracles not The Loving Course. See I am a little off, but off can be good because on will feel great.

    • I am so honored that you wanted to start the day out with us. 🙂 There are times when we wonder if we should continue and then someone comments and it gives us the boost we need. Thank you! God is with you and so are we. Even when I get behind in letting you know.

      How about this mantra: I am walking within the light of God and nothing can disturb my peace today. That is the thought I am holding now.

  2. Rachael Pongetti says

    I was very satisfied after today’s video! Keep it up gals!

  3. Vivian Miller says

    I love this principle that points out the connection I have with Spirit and that I have this attachment that allows me to become aware, understand and know the I AMness of me. This concept makes me feel a sense of protection, that I embrace the stillness and silence and open my mind and heart to take in this wonderful energy that sustains us.

    I am excited still to see the changes that occur in my awareness and ability to make these concepts a part of my everyday activities. Thank you for the fingers on the hand analogy. Interestingly the thumb never fights to be the index finger. The fingers just are and do what they’re supposed to do.

    • Great point about the fingers Vivian! I love all these analogies that we are all using to help us see these things more clearly!

    • Oooooo…good point Vivian! I hadn’t thought about the thumb not fighting to be the index finger…good food. Makes you think about the importance that our society places on competition. I’m going to chew on this one for a while. Thanks!

  4. I’m right there with you Cindy! I live in my head! I am an intellectual person–much like you! And my openings occur when i move into the realization of it. I understand what you saying about the heart– once I realize it or as you put it, fully grasp it within my heart, then all things are healed concerning whatever I was/am grappling with! I do now pay attention to the use of the words “I AM” because it’s a declaration! A powerful one at that!
    I agree with Lizabeth about being open & allowing! I tend to move into a “shoulda” or “should not” instead of acceptance. Being open is so much lighter & freeing!

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