Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 10

Today we finish up the first round of this 40 day journey. We are 1/4 of the way done with our 40 days!

This statement encourages us to take our mind of “this world” – our little ‘r’ reality – and to focus on God. We discuss what this means to us and how we’ve changed for the better since we first started this plan. We talk about how we change our focus when we are emotional.

We just have to trust God with all of our finances. In this video we talk about how our faith has grown over the last year as a result of these studies. We have visible proof of our growth and practice. Sharing our panic and fear will hopefully help you to get through those fears too. You are not alone.

If you aren’t seeing results yet, don’t give up! Hang in there! This is a practice and you won’t see changes over night, but if you stick with it, you’ll soon see growth.

We want to encourage you to keep practicing, keep hanging in there, and NEVER, EVER give up!

Tomorrow we will start over with statement 1 again. You will probably be surprised at how statement 1 will change for you.

Please leave your comments about this video and this principle in the comment section below. We value your input because it feeds us all and helps us see things from new perspectives.

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  1. Trust, trust, trust ( insert various noises and a long sigh here).
    I want to thank you for sharing the meltdown video. I had my own stressing over where to get the money to pay for appointments for a back condition, then my tooth/crown/gums have flared up – anxious about what the dentist will cost and will I need to see a specialist; and to top it off my one “good” bra snapped 🙂 . Lisabeth – your words reminded me that we all share in this journey called life and we share so many similarities and experiences. I can see the unconditional love you share with each other. It show in your eyes as you look at each other. Blessings to you for sharing yourselves so openly and honestly.

    • Glad to hear from you Beatrice and I am so humbled and thankful for your sweet comment. You are right. We share more of this journey called life than we like to admit. When Cindy and I began this part of our journey, we decided that we needed to share all aspects. It is hard to open up and just be vulnerable but it is harder still to grow through it alone. I decided to share this because we are where you are. We have similar struggles and aren’t just “preaching”. We are doing this as you are and learning from your experience as well.

      I do know one thing from experience: worry brings more worry. I will pray with you for clarity in this situation. I see that you are open to the Divine Guidance that will lead you to the perfect answer for all that worries you today. I see you lifted up to the High Road so that you see clearly the right next step for you to take. Worry no more. God’s got this. Love to you!

  2. Great video guys – much of what you guys said resonates with me and I’m sure plenty of us.
    For years I’ve always had the awareness of abundant energy within me (the easy part) but to Truly trust this source is another story – blind faith so they say. And especially, when facing adversity, losing money or unexpected health problems, how are we supposed to trust god and have that faith when we’re so upset, so tense and crap continues to happen? I love how Lizabeth explains how we can overcome some of this – discover what fear it is we have and take ourselves out of the negative emotions first and then focus back on god. Sometimes life with throw curve balls. I also discovered from listening to this video that even though I put my faith in god, I was at the back of my mind expecting god to fail me – as in: what if I put my faith in this source and it doesn’t deliver? what if it doesn’t magically appear out of thin air for me? I discovered this was a toxic thought to have. God never fails us and always delivers (somewhere out there) and it is a matter of aligning myself.

    • Good insight Monica! I have found this to be a practice. I have to get up every day and practice some more. I have to practice MORE in the moments of high emotion. It is still a practice. Every day I get around to trusting God a little more. I figure I am exactly where I should be today. God is ok with that so I can be ok with it too. Relax and be easy with yourself. Don’t expect yourself to out-perform what you can do today.

  3. Vivian Miller says

    I have been thinking about this principle all day. I had school this morning and was distracted by the History of Christianity, but my mind found its way back to this money stuff.

    I will not agonize or judge. I am looking forward to another ten days in order that I can see how much depth I have achieved by doing this program.

    I will trust Sprit will move mountains and instill me with the willingness to be patient and keep my focus on today and not the future. That seems to be the most logical action to take.

    • I have to keep reminding myself to “just take the next step.” When I am focused on just that step Spirit always leads me to the next. This has helped me let go of a lot of the “how” I’m going to do this.

  4. Vivian Miller says

    This is a principle that I struggle with. When I have money I can relax somewhat. When I don’t have money or know when I’m gonna get some I am a wreck. I would sure love to be relieved of this feeling. I feel particularly vulnerable in this area. I could glass over it and pretend I am better than I am, but now is the time for truth.

    I am so in need of help in this area.

    • I love your honesty Vivian. Thank you so much for sharing with us and letting us be a part of your growth. I used to get like that too. If I didn’t see the WHOLE plan, I freaked. The more I study these principles and go through them over and over again, the better I get with this. It seems to get a little better each time through. Hang in there. I’m not sure how, but these principles WORK. My consciousness around money, supply and work is rapidly changing. I think yours will too. God IS YOUR Source. You can take THAT to the bank.

  5. Carmie Sanchez says

    Well…. Hmmm… I know day 10 is not a coincidence. I have been talking myself out of a tree all week around finances. I work on commission and my thought pattern for years has been if I don’t work I don’t get paid. I have taken some time away from my office to assist my mom while she is recovering from knee surgery. I have had so many people surface during this time. I was tempted to break away from helping my mom and go assist these clients, I even set the appointment. I quickly realized this was something I could not do. The circumstances have manifested for me to practice today keeping my mind off this world. I have to continue to affirm that my paycheck shows up whether I work or not and that the God within is the only cause of my prosperity. I do think the journey for financial abundance is an emotional one. When you come into alignment emotionally with abundance you get into the flow and abundance flows to you freely. When you tighten up with the fear you restrict the flow that comes.

    • Great insight Carmie! Thanks for sharing. This is much easier said than done, isn’t it? Kudos to you for staying focused on the inner world and practicing being in the flow.

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