Forty Day Prosperity Plan Bonus – Hang in There!

This is a hard post for me to write.  It is hard to look at my vulnerabilities and hard to admit on paper but even harder still to let you see them.  It is almost like opening my diary and displaying it under glass for all to read. I am out-going with the things I don’t mind you seeing but I introvertly squander my hurts just like anyone else.  It is the Truth, however and I am committed to live in Truth and that includes living as the authentic me.  Just me.

When I set out on this journey of self-exploration I didn’t imagine how hard it would be to keep promises to myself.  I began with well meaning intentions and a stubborn streak to see them through.  I did not count on the “stuff” that would come up after I stirred the pot though.

“Stuff” happens.  It is said to travel in 3’s but most often it feels like it travels in packs.  ‘Life’, or the term we use when we describe the everyday grind, never lands at a convenient time.  It doesn’t come when I am feeling great, have gotten the promotion, received the love and attention from someone dear, or the car is still running despite the beating it has just endured.  ‘Life’ happens when I am sick for the 10th day in a row, the children are fighting, the ex is mad about _______(fill in the blank), the ungrateful relative is begging for more, and the available money has run out before the bills are paid.

Setting a different intention to discover myself did not stop ‘Life’. Discovering me seemed a petty endeavor to the demands of the day and I wanted to quit.  I remember thinking, “how is this silly book or these silly statements going to help me with this?”  I fell back on the love of friends for support.

I am sharing this with you today because I KNOW  what it is like to live ‘Life’ while trying to see things differently.  I know how hard it is to try and see the forest right after you have run smack dab into a tree.  I also know that seeing someone else make it through gives me hope that I can do it too.

There are days when ‘working on me’ seems stupid or a waste of time, especially when I have “X” or “Y” to complete.  I am in this process too.  I am living the authentic me, warts and all.

I am sharing this as an encouragement to you when ‘Life’ hits.  I have learned that I am worth every bit of effort that I put into everyone else and so are you.  I hope you watch it and can say, “if she can, I can too because I’m worth it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am so blessed to share the journey with you two.
    I see God in you big time!!

  2. 3rd Grade. Mrs. Kemp’s class at Buchanan School. She asked us to write down an adjective that we felt described ourselves using the first letter of our first name. I wrote down the word Peppy. Peppy Pam. Haha! BUT, there are days that the sun is shining and I just. can’t. get. to. it. I have come to realize that it is human nature and that is okay. We are Women. We have Hormones. Not to mention all of the outside influences and junk in “Life”. Most days my moon and stars align beautifully – but sometimes, a star or two can be shifted and everything is dark. That’s when you say – it is okay. It’s 1 day and tomorrow is a new day. Don’t beat yourself up over the dark days. The more we realize that they are gonna happen…the easier we can get through them without beating ourselves up. Sooooo….you have a bright light, Lizabeth…you really do. God has given people like us the promise that the light won’t go out, and He will see to that…a little dimmer some days, maybe…but no biggie! He allows us the dim days to take care of ourselves and re-charge so that we may continue to be bright for others another day. Shine on, friend!

  3. Hi Cindy & Lizabeth,
    I initially bought The Abundance Book back in 2006 and never completed the 40 day prosperity plan. I even have the pencil markings against each statement highlighting the number of times I had read each, but for some reason did not complete the full 40 day cycle.
    Things haven’t been going my way for many years and for some reason I felt very defeated last month. But then, for some strange reason I was drawn to my bookshelf and needed to pull out the abundance book. I began the 40 day prosperity plan on 7th January 2014 so I am lagging a couple of days behind you guys but I just want to say how helpful your videos and the discussion board has been. I searched YouTube for the 40 day prosperity plan and came across you guys! It all feels so in sync. I feel like I am experiencing some of what Cindy has been through and that is being aware of the divine source as my supply, however trusting it and practicing it daily is a challenge (especially amongst the daily grind). I would dearly love to reach that point where this supply just feels like my inherent nature and there is no need to force myself to know this. Anyways, a BIG thanks to u guys and I wish all your readers the perseverance to stick through with this – we can do it! Shreem 🙂

    • Monica, we are SO glad you found us! You have just made our day and confirmed that these nudges from God are well worth following and sticking to when the going gets rough. THANK YOU for sharing your heart with us and letting us know that you are practicing with us. Our prayer is that 2014 is your most prosperous year EVER! If there is anything we can do to help you on your journey, please let us know!

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