Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 6

Lizabeth had a lot of fun with this one. I’m just not there yet. This principle talks about our inner supply taking on form and experience instantly and constantly. This principle also says that it’s impossible for us to have any unfulfilled needs and desires. This is hard for me to buy into. How about you?

I believe that God supplies all my needs and even my desires, the part I have trouble with is ‘instantly’. I’m slowly getting there. Each time I work through this plan and especially this statement, the easier it gets to see this as Truth.

I do believe, as Lizabeth points out, that what we order today, we will eventually get. Our desires may have changed by the time we get it and we may need to realign with our new desires.

Good stuff today. Dig in! Then, please share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    My take on instant form is that perhaps the form is not here where I can see it. Perhaps its microscopic. initially. I just know my need to argue is ego driven and keeps me jobless which is not where I want to be. vI can relinquish the need to control. Sometimes things are before my eyes and I don’t see them. Perhaps what God wants for me appears but not the way I expected. I think its God’s business and I don’t need to understand.

    My best thinking got me in some crappy places. What I think I want is not important but the need to appreciate what shows up is.

    Just sayin!

    • That is just what I have been saying to Cindy! Seriously, that is how I understand it and I agree with you AND Cindy. It is hard for me to grasp but I know that God’s got it and that is all I need to know. Cindy, your thoughts?

      • I agree. But, I don’t want to agree. I like to figure things out and this is one that I get better now that I’ve been through the whole 40 days, but still makes my hackles rise just a bit. Maybe some day my ego will get completely out of the way.

  2. Hi! Today what I really took in from your discussion was during the restaurant analogy—this idea of knowing what I desire, and ordering that. I sometimes take a look at what it is I DON’T want and focus on that, hmmm………..maybe if I begin to look inside and really see and accept what I DO want –without making judgments or justifying why I want it—-the flow of my supply will move faster and my needs and unfulfilled desires will be met faster. Thanks guys!!

    • Thank you Heather! I like that you aren’t going to make judgements or justify WHY you want it. I’m going to start trying that too. I’m getting better at looking at what I want, but now that you bring it to my attention, I realize that I often make those judgements and/or justifications. Thank YOU!

  3. Vivian Miller says

    Inner supply taking on form and experience instantly and constantly… a stretch and this is what I wrote in my journal. One thing this morning was cooler air in our house. I called the furnace people, got voicemail. I did not panic. They called back in about 20 min and a man was at our home and said it was the sub-zero weather and the furnace was doing all it could no. No charge. That was an interesting demonstration for which I yelled quietly thank you.

    My inner supply taking on form is a bit of a stretch for me, but I realize I don’t have to “instantly” get the principle, but I can have a willingness to be open to let the message resonate in my consciousness and my resistance will eventually subside and there will be a oneness with this idea.

    I know my ego thoughts don’t want to relinquish their power, but my God-given Power will prevail and I will overcome disbelief. I suspicion the principle is valid and will continue to keep my heart space open. I believe my willingness to be willing is sufficient.

    • Perfect demonstration Vivian. I like that you are open to the experience even when the ‘ego’ thoughts negate the answered prayer. It is in these moments that I believe that God strengthens our faith. Great insight!

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