Failing Forward to Prosperity

Photo by: Billy Alexander

Photo by: Billy Alexander

John C. Maxwell has a book out by this name – ‘Failing Forward’. I read it several years ago. It helped me to understand ‘failure’ better. My dictionary gives me three definitions for failure: 1) lack of success, 2) the omission of expected or required action, or 3) the action or state of not functioning.

I think our society has put too much of a negative connotation on the word ‘failure’. I was somehow taught that failure was an ending. It meant I had given up. It meant I was quitting.

I often heard, “It’s only a failure if you give up.” So, now, I hesitate to use the word ‘failure’ in my vocabulary. But, after reading John’s book and giving it some thought and looking at the definition, I believe failure is not such a bad word and accurately describes how I ‘failed’ at the prosperity plan. It does not, however, mean that I give up or I quit.

We failed at John Price Randolph’s 40 day prosperity plan. Not because we had a ‘lack of success’, nor was it because it expressed an ‘action or state of not functioning’, but because of ‘the omission of expected and required action’.

When we started the prosperity plan, we made a commitment to do it every day. Every day. Rain, shine, sleet or snow. Traveling, at home, in outer space. It was a commitment to do it every day. It was the expected and required action that we were committed to take.

We failed. We did it when we were upset with each other and weren’t talking to each other about anything else. We still, even with defensive and defeated voices, trudged through considering our positive outlooks on God and prosperity principles. (By the way, it’s hard to talk about this stuff when your mad. I found myself not being so mad when we were done.)

We did it in the car. We did it in the hotel rooms. We even got up a couple of nights after going to bed to go through our prosperity plan because one of us woke up and remembered that we hadn’t done it that day. We were thankful that it was before midnight so we could ‘count’ it for the day. We were totally committed. We did not fail because of a lack of commitment.

And then one day, we just forgot. We could use excuses of exhaustion, too much driving, stress from listening to three kids cramped in a small car for days on end, or any number of other things. But, they would be just that… excuses. We just forgot.

On the day before our trip was over, after about the third hour of driving that morning, Lizabeth just blurted out, “Do you know what we forgot to do yesterday?” My heart sank. I immediately knew what we forgot. The Prosperity Plan. After 19 days of success, we forgot. Nineteen days. We had to start over again.

At first I felt defeated. Nineteen days down the tubes. But, they weren’t really lost. We had gained SO much consciousness from those nineteen days of meditating on the prosperity plan. We WERE more prosperous because of it. But, now we had to start over and that felt like failure.

I remembered John’s message from ‘Failing Forward’ – failure can be a good thing, if we use it to our advantage. We should learn from the failure. Failure helps us grow when we analyze why it failed and what we can do to not make the same mistake again.

We decided to wait a couple of days before we began the prosperity plan again. Wait until we get home and settled a bit so that we could focus more and not be so rushed through it. It sounded like a good plan.

In about three days, we both realized that we missed the prosperity plan. We were falling back into that ‘funk’ we seem to get in when we start worrying about money. We seem to forget that God is our Source and that our clients aren’t. We seem to forget that we and God are One, so we are the source and substance of our supply.

We also realized that the manifestation of our prosperity had decreased in those three days as well. We immediately committed to starting the plan again. To fail forward and avoid the failure we encountered from before, we set two reminders: one for morning and one for night. If we put off the morning appointment to work on our prosperity plan, we will be reminded again at night. We haven’t missed the morning appointment yet since we started… until today. It’s the next item on my list as soon as this article is finished.

After starting over and being on the plan again for only three days, we are already experiencing more prosperity. It really is just about consciousness: awareness, understanding and knowing. It doesn’t have anything to do with how hard we work or who our clients are or aren’t. It’s about what we focus on and what we believe. It’s all about God and recognizing that She is our Source.

Now, before I fail again, I need to get off this computer and go do the prosperity plan for today. If we fail again, we will fail forward. We will learn from the failure and keep moving forward. We just haven’t reached success yet. But, we will. Count on it. With God, we can not fail.



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