Eating Out on Our Weight Release Plan

We tend to go exploring a lot while we travel. So, while on the weight release plan, eating out has been a little more difficult. We are managing very well though.

What We Look for in a Restaurant

We look for steak houses, seafood restaurants or chains that we know have something we can eat.

Our go-to meals are steak, chicken or crab legs for protein and broccoli, steamed or gilled veggies, asparagus, green beans (IF they don’t have sugar or butter), or house salad with only allowed veggies (we ask them to take off cheese, croutons, carrots, bacon – ouch!!, black olives, or anything else not allowed). If they bring anything that doesn’t work for us, we send it back.

When we first started this plan, I thought that we would end up eating mostly salads at restaurants, but that’s not been the case. It’s hard to find a salad that has just the allowed veggies on it. And many restaurants do not carry plain oil and vinegar dressing anymore. If they do, it’s usually balsamic vinegar which is not allowed.

Salad bars and house salads are usually not worth the price after we’ve pulled everything off that we aren’t allowed to have. To make our meal worth the price, we end up with a meat and green vegetable dish. We might have a house salad to go with the meal, but it’s rarely our whole meal when eating out.

We have to be really careful with the way the vegetables are prepared when we eat out, especially in the south where they tend to put sugar and/or butter on and in everything. We’ve found that asking what they have that might be diabetic friendly usually does the trick.

Restaurants understand better when they think we will get deathly ill if they feed us the wrong things. They look at us a little crazy when we come in with our water bottles and dressing (Walden Farms thank you!) in hand until they think we are on a diabetic diet. We seem to get better treatment after that.

We try to pick less fatty vegetable options. Steamed or grilled veggies are usually pretty safe. We stay far away from anything with a sauce, gravy or dressing.

Our Standy-bys

If we don’t find a new place we like to try, then we opt for our standby’s. Ruby Tuesday has a pretty good 6oz or 8oz steak with grilled zuchinni and steamed broccoli. If we want to split our meat between lunch and dinner, we get the 8 ounce and split it with each other OR save half for later.

If we plan to eat a salad at home for the other meal, then we will get the 6 ounce and put either 2 ounces of chicken, lean ham (not cold cuts), other lean meat or egg on our salad.

Applebees has a good 2 for $25 deal right now where we can get two 6 ounce steaks with broccoli and garlic green beans and 2 side salads as the appetizer. That’s quite a bit of food for a decent price. They also have a great grilled chicken option for only $9.99.

O’Charleys has some pretty good steak and chicken options, as does Longhorn, Santa Fe, Logans, Outback, etc. We can usually find one of those most anywhere we go.

We tell them up front, “No bread”, and we always say “NO” to dessert if they even have the guts to mention it after we’ve drilled them with questions about low calorie, low fat, no sugar vegetables.

If they bring chips, bread or any standard appetizers to the table, we ask them to take it away before they even set it down.

Making it Work

When we are in an unfamiliar place and we can’t find a good option on the menu, we just choose what we can get that’s on our plan. If they don’t have anything on our plan, we leave.

Yesterday, we were at the beach at Hilton Head Island. When lunch rolled around, our stomachs let us know.

None of the seafood or steak houses were open yet and we didn’t find any of our usual chains on the island. We stopped in a place called the Frosty Frog Cafe.

It was a true cafe with your usual fried foods: french fries, chips, subs, hamburgers, etc. We did see that they had crab legs and shrimp since we were on the beach.

We ordered from the child menu so that we could get about 8 ounces instead of the 16ounces listed on the adult menu.

They did not have any vegetables that were on our plan, so we did without and doubled up on vegetables for our salad when we ate dinner last night.

When we started this plan, we were afraid we would have to give up on eating out, but we’ve found manageable ways to work around it.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. When we want something as bad as we want this, we always find a way.

We feel amazing after losing this much weight and we don’t intend to blow it now!

P.S. Check out our Protein Calculator!

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