Dreaming To Live


By Kenneth Cratty, published on 07 February 2010
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I am ready to start a another year. I couldn’t always say that.  The approach of a new year usually brought a whole host of guilt and shame over what I hadn’t accomplished and how far I still had to go.  I was still living in the past and was afraid to look at the future. Not any longer.  The past couple of years I have really done some work on ME and I have chosen to love me first.  So now, I am ready to start dreaming up what this year will be so I can live. A lot of people say they live to dream but I have found that I cannot truly live without dreaming…FIRST.

I have been studying ME the past couple of years and I have found that I am really just drifting along without some kind of goal or dream to lead the way. I have been guilty of just getting up and “getting through my day” and I go to bed dreading tomorrow. I found out after some deep soul searching that I have to ‘dream up’ my own direction. I put a rudder at the back of my ship when I start following my dreams.

I have been experimenting lately with small dreams and big ones too. I enjoyed making dream boards and watching them manifest in my life. Several were small and easy but still gave me a big boost and strengthened my hope. Some of them I thought were pretty far fetched and I had no idea how to make them happen. One of the big dreams was a trip out west to be present for my brother’s wedding. I had no idea how that was going to play out but I dreamed of it often and followed the “still small voice” or nudges I was getting. I dreamed out every detail: the plane trip, the hotels, the clothes, the people, etc. It came true in a grand way and was a bigger blessing than I had originally dreamed about. It didn’t look the same as what I had dreamed though. We didn’t fly, we drove. We didn’t go alone, we had 3 children with us. The dream turned out different but it was better than the one I had mapped out. I still had to picture it, focus on it and dream it otherwise I am convinced that I would still be wanting to go.

Both the small dreams and the big ones act as a direction for my life to follow. Without them pointing the way, I suffer from malaise and a whole host of symptoms; some physical and some mental. Without following a dream or a goal, I am simply existing.

Then the challenge becomes how do you ‘dream to live’? I have found that I need to live in the moment. I cannot skip from where I am to where I want to be in one blink, yet. 🙂 I listen to the prompting of my internal guidance system (The Christ Within) and make the changes I can make, today. Worrying doesn’t move me forward, in fact, it brings me to a halt or at worst, starts a backward slid. I find the ‘next right step’ in the direction of that dream or goal and do that. I had to do many months of the ‘next right step’ before I realized the dream of traveling.

So now I begin the New Year with a set of intentions or dreams to follow instead of resolutions. I believe resolutions are set on the basis of lack or fear and are doomed to fail, at least for me. I HAVE to dream in order to live. To do otherwise would be a waste of this blessing I call my life.

Dream with me, won’t you?




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