Donations and Tithes

thankyouSome of you have asked us to make a way for you to donate or tithe to us online. We are excited about this. NOT because we are excited about your money, but because of the abundant prosperity we see in your future as you tithe. We know how the act of tithing has changed our lives and we know that it will change yours as well. We are truly honored and excited that you are being fed by Our Prosperous Life.

To be clear, we do not NEED your money. God is our Source. But, we also understand that a transaction is not complete until there is an even exchange of energy. If you are being fed by then you may be nudged to tithe to us and we wanted to allow you that opportunity. The more you put into these Feeding Friend-zys and tools, the more you will get out. You can’t take what you’ve learned with you and it won’t make a difference in your consciousness, if you aren’t giving something in return. We want you to take this with you and apply it to your lives.

If you can’t afford to tithe with your money, we ask that you leave comments on the pages that feed you so that we (and others) can be fed by you. We also encourage you to share with your friends or family. The more people who know and live these principles, who feed and are fed, the faster we all grow! Thank you for your support of us and Our Prosperous Life!

There are several ways you can send us your tithe or donations:

  • By check
    Send your checks to: Cindy Cullen and/or Lizabeth Casada, PO Box 51552, Bowling Green, KY 42102
  • By Credit Card
    You can pay by credit card at our business website.
  • By PayPal

Please note that your receipt or statement may say ‘Cullen Web Services’.
cindyandlizabethsig is not a charity. This website and the tools associated with it are the creations of Cindy Cullen and Lizabeth Casada. All money received is used to further the building and promotion of this project. We believe in the giving and receiving Principle which makes up the prosperous life. We do encourage you to check with an accountant to see if your donation or tithe might be tax deductible.