Do You Want to be Wealthy?

Sometimes when talking about money and becoming wealthy, we get really uncomfortable.

Why is that? Why are we often afraid to admit that we want money?

Is it because we’ve heard that ‘money is the root of all evil’?

Were we taught to think bad of people who had money?

I was reading a book by Bob Proctor this morning, “You were Born Rich!” and he said that many of us would feel rather uncomfortable admitting that we want to be wealthy. He thinks we would immediately follow it up with ‘Just Kidding.’

I’ve had ‘money issues’ as long as I can remember. I can track those issues back to several people from my past, as well as, several things that happened in my past to make me feel this way. But, still I have trouble changing that mindset.

The only thing I know for sure is that these beliefs and patterns are so deep, that they are more than hard to overcome.

It’s sometimes hard to admit that I want money. I feel guilty, or dirty, or slimy. Those feelings are the very things blocking the money that is coming to me.

My resistance to the money is what holds it just out of my reach.

Wealthy people are comfortable talking about money.

It’s not that they are comfortable because they already have money, but, they have money because they are comfortable talking about it.

How about you? Are you comfortable talking about money and telling the world that you want a lot of it? Or does that make you feel uncomfortable?

I am working on becoming more and more comfortable telling you that I want MORE! I want more money! I want more freedom! I want more!

Leave me a comment below and let me know how you feel about money. Do you want more? Are you comfortable saying you want a LOT?

Share this post and see how your friends feel about wanting money. Let’s raise our prosperity consciousness and admit that we want MORE!

I took the challenge by telling you I want more money. Will you take the challenge?

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