Dear Food,

Dear Food,

I want to take just a few moments to speak to you about our relationship. Bubba, it’s gotta change. I love you – you know I do. I have thought about you, obsessed about you, prayed about you and entertained you my whole life. I am tired of this now and it’s got to change. I want to be healthy and have energy. I want to be excited to be near you and not feeling guilty after the meal is over. I want to really know you and not just date forever.

We have had such a wonderful time! I still remember the first pizza I enjoyed after my long absence and how luxurious it tasted. I remember being so thankful, so grateful that you were there when the hunger pains hit and when they didn’t. You were there for me when I felt unloved, was hurting, bored or just needed comfort. You helped me gain weight so I was protected and I was safe again. You called to me at all hours of the day and night and I responded each time. I love you but this relationship isn’t working for me anymore.

I am too dependent on you for my happiness. I use you too much to regulate my moods. You are too involved in my celebrations and my sorrows. I use you not to feel and I’m missing out on so much! You hang around my waist, my thighs and you’ve even created a new side boob! and I’m not happy any longer. I get angry easily when you are running out or I have to wait too long to be with you and this doesn’t work for me. I spend way too much time obsessing over you; the lack, the time in-between visits, the length of your stay, how you fill me and so on. This is not serving me any longer so I suggest that we change our relationship. Not a break up! No. I cannot live without you. Just a shift, a change, a new way to be together.

Here’s what I suggest…What if you become the fuel for our new adventures instead of the reason I quit early or can’t go? What if we have regular meeting times so we don’t miss each other quite so much when we are parted? What if we work together to let go of the protection so we can let in Love a little more? What if I end up needing you in a healthy way and begin to appreciate you instead of feeling guilty every time we meet? What if I even fall in love again?

See, I’m at a different space in my life and this relationship has gotten stale. We have to freshen it up. Let’s invite the real you and strip away all the chemicals. Let’s see the real you and how wonderful you are straight out of the earth. Let’s explore living together and see what layers peel back. Let’s see what falls away when we both get real. I don’t want you to be fast and easy any longer – it strips away your essential nature and we both get less from the relationship. For far too long I have covered you up with sauces, added sugar, taken away your nutrients and asked you to still nourish me. I realize now that you couldn’t because I had taken away your best qualities.

I am smarter now and am ready for a new start. Let’s begin today. What do you say? Are you willing? I am and we have a whole new world to explore.

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me. I am forever grateful for your friendship and Love. I appreciate you with new eyes and I am beginning to see your beauty as I find mine. I am ready.

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