Creating Your Dreams with Vision Boards

abundance_wall_image1 We use vision boards to help us realize our dreams. I’m such a firm believer in vision boards that I wrote an online vision board program and started a separate website back in 2007. You can build your own online vision board and use it for your desktop background or print it out here.

You can even upload your own pictures or find pictures from all over the web and upload them to your vision board on that site. I recently found a great place to download more vision board quality images for my vision board here. You should be able to download, copy, paste or share the images and then upload them to your vision board.

Vision Board

An Example Vision Board

We’ve found that when we put things on our vision board, they become a reality. Lizabeth shares some of her vision board stories in the latest Feeding Friend-zy, The Four Spiritual Laws of Success. You will want to check those videos out to hear her amazing stories of getting a new car and amusement park tickets. Vision boards really work. If you don’t have one yet, I encourage you to build one of your own.

You CAN live your dreams! If you can imagine it, you can have it, be it or do it! With God, ALL things are possible!



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