A Course in Weight Loss Day 9 – Lesson 5 Part 3

We are both feeling a little better about this lesson. We aren’t sure we are ‘done’ with it yet, but we have finished the exercise and have a few new insights. This is not an easy process for us.

We talk about our experience shopping for our place settings that were suggested in the assignment. We also discuss our experience with the assignment as a ritual/ceremony of placing our place setting on the altar.

Lizabeth discusses how she’s dealing with the challenges of eating out and the questions that she asks herself when she sits down to eat. Cindy talks about her progress of not being hungry and feeling better.

altarWe don’t have a love affair with food yet, but we are making progress. We are proud of our altar though.

We will move on to Lesson 6 tomorrow. Please read that chapter for tomorrow.

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  1. I apparently live in a country where cloth napkins no longer exist…I went to a number of stores without success today and it started to become a source of stress- like somehow I will fail if i don’t get a damn pretty napkin! Which I know is ridiculous and driven by that underlying insecurity and fear that Trim Me is gonna be forever encased in my Heavier Self. So it’s been an interesting few days trying to work around the issue of not being able to locate a napkin. I am hoping that the weekend will give me the opportunity to hunt one out and believe that even God can find me a napkin- and not just a napkin but the right one. 🙂 Small successes in the shopping department- of sorts; I did actually buy some plates (I got carried away and bought four as I needed some new ones anyway) – but as I got home, I just felt like it wasn’t the right plate to use for my alter (Which I have not created as yet – space in my little apartment is at a premium and I gotta do some reshuffling…). I had found a plate at a boutique shop this afternoon but did not purchase it as I was afraid of the price. Tonight as I re-read chapter 5 and my letters and my notes to myself that have been highlighted or written down in this journey I realized that I need to stop using the excuse of “wasting money” as a reason to not look after myself. If the plate costs me $20 or so- isn’t that really an investment in showing myself some love? Perhaps it is the quick start I need to propel me into my love affair – something beautiful and only for me- not for any other reason than because I am worth looking after and indulging. The other plate would be fine- but it’s rather quirky and casual and fun (suits my personality for sure) but the more I think on it, the more I KNOW that I need to go back and get the other plate- because for this, it is a lesson in love. (also I think it would diminish the activity if I am using the other three plates on a daily basis anyway.) So -money: it’s only paper, it’s only ink and it’s time for the restorative power of self love to be firmly present in my conscious and unconscious mind. Thanks again ladies for sharing- I really appreciate your honesty and integrity.

    • Thank you Sally for your wonderful insights! You are right. Not only should we spend a little, we deserve the best of everything! This is something I have to keep reminding myself.

      I also have to remind myself that I can find the “best of”, in what I can afford today. I can be lavish without having to stretch for it. That is one I am learning too.

      Keep searching for ‘the’ napkin. It will show up! 🙂

  2. Vivian Miller says

    I have not bought my place setting yet because of school pressure. I intend to go toBed, Bath and Beyond and pick it up this weekend. I thought this was an odd instruction, but who am I to question.
    My food was much better today and I am very aware of the messages and the video as I make food decisions. Still not where I want to be. I will get there. I believe in the Power I was born with and God who is always there waiting for the request.

    • Vivian Miller says

      Glad you broke this lesson up into parts. Felt a little overwhelmed, but I will keep on th path. My alternatives are not pretty.

      • Believe in the process. That is what I had to keep saying to myself. Even when I don’t understand what you are showing me God, I believe in the process and know that you are leading the way. It helped.

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