A Course in Weight Loss Day 8 – Lesson 5 Part 2

We decided we needed a break with this lesson to process this exercise a little more. We were beginning to get overwhelmed with the changes and this lesson brought up more emotion for Lizabeth. We felt Spirit is leading us to take more time on this one.

Today, we decided to show you more of our interview with David Nuckols at Get Toned Fitness in Bowling Green, KY. He discusses where he made the big connection of how our Higher Power provides exactly what we need for this body. He also talks about just how amazing our bodies are and how we can better take care of them.

David also tells us how many calories our bodies need and why we shouldn’t cut down on calories because it causes stress in our bodies. We want to lose body fat, not weight. He gives us some insight as to how we can do that.

David shares with us his 3 phases of the process we need to go through to start losing the body fat. Phase 1 is body awareness. Phase 2 is increasing metabolism. Phase 3 is getting toned.

Cindy talks to David about losing weight with just a diet vs. with a diet and exercise together. Lizabeth then talks to David about how we can modify exercise to work for our own body type.

Tomorrow we will finish up Lesson 5. The break is really helping us get through this process and make lasting changes.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Glad you guys slowed down a bit. I was feeling a but of overwhelm. Eating is getting better. Tonight I didn’t feel like cooking so I had raisin bran for dinner. I wanted to watch the video before bed and be fed that way. Gotta a lot going on this week and feeling the pressure so my good decisions need to be healthier so I can keep it together.

    I am so grateful you guys decided to do this and enhance with conversations with your trainer. I am practicing patience with myself too and withholding judgment.

    • We are working the program that we talk about and I think it is evident. We decided a long time ago to just follow our guidance and we needed to slow down a bit. I am glad that I wasn’t the only one who needed the break. I am sure there will be more to come. I hate to drag it out but want to honor the time it takes to do this.

      I am glad you are practicing patience with yourself. I am too. Our trainer, David has fed us Spiritually and physically more times than I can count. He is a real asset in this journey.

      Thank you for all your input Vivian. Love you!


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