A Course in Weight Loss Day 7 – Lesson 5

Today’s lesson is about falling in love with our food. Lizabeth is feeling a lot of emotion today because of these lessons and because of the changes she sees happening to her body. She’s not really sure where the emotion is coming from or what trigger she may have hit on, but these are things that should be expected when we are doing this kind of deep, self-discovery and healing. She is anxious for her thin self to come out and she is impatient with the process and change.

Slow change is healthy change, but it’s still not easy.

This lesson brought a lot of resistance in both of us. We initially didn’t see the benefits from the exercise that she wants us to do, but as we spent more time with this, it became clearer as to why we should do this.

We did find much value in the lesson surrounding our ‘love’ of food. We are excited to find a new relationship… a new ‘love’ for food.

We recognized that we need some time to work through this one. We are having some issues with the napkin for different reasons.

We talk about the triggers we have and looking back to see where they came from. The fears that created these triggers may be smaller from the adult perspective that we have now. It’s a good thing to try and find the reasons for our triggers and fears.

We celebrate some of our success and progress so far.

We are going to take some time to move through our own fears, so tomorrow will be a continuation of this lesson.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    This is some painful stuff. My eating today was much better. I made a decision to write down or keep on my phone everything I put in my mouth as an accountability exercise. I have not yet returned to the gym, but that is on the horizon. I am being gentle with myself which is unusual for me. I decided to just do what I could with what I had.

    One decision I made before starting this program was to get rid of the large dinner plates. So now I eat off a plate that is about 5 inch in diameter and I do not pack my food on there and have it fall off the edges. I think you have to begin where you are with what you have.

  2. I am really struggling with this one Heather. I am filled with emotions that I can do nothing with except surrender. I had a good hour crying jagg over a damn pizza. I wanted one so badly but I know it is a cover for something else. I hate feeling this way but I know that this is bringing up some really deep stuff that I cannot label yet. That doesn’t stop my old ways of coping from kicking in though and it really makes me mad!

    We had the same feelings over buying the extra stuff too. Money isn’t where we would like it to be right now and I wondered how I could justify buying these “extras” over buying needed things. Then we receive a $25 dollar gift card in the mail from a ‘special rewards program’ the bank had run. Question answered.

    I have figured out that I have to tough out the hard moments just like I did when I decided to walk away from cigarettes and quit cold turkey. There were moments that were hell and I made it through only because I decided that to give up would hurt worse. That is where I am now. Emotional hell. But I am making it minute by minute because the hell of hanging on to them is worse than what is happening now.

    I didn’t give in and buy a pizza. And that damn plate, fork, napkin, knife, spoon and glass are mocking me right now. But that’s ok. It will look a little different once I can toss another rock out of my backpack.

    It is ok to be right where we are. Pain and all. Hang in there, we are still walking together. Love you.

  3. Hi Guys–I am glad we are slowing down on this one. I have had the same reactions about the napkin and the plate. I thought maybe I could just get the china out and use that. It brought out my septic/cynic and I am not sure I could see how doing this will change me. I really like the part about appreciating food and having a new relationship with food. I often eat breakfast alone standing in the kitchen as fast as possible. Lunch alone again at the table with a book or computer in my face. Dinner is more of a family affair but I don’t lay a beautiful table. WE just pile the plates and silverware on the table. I think some of the triggers I feel about this one is the aspect of money–why should i spend the money on this? So often I just use what i have, I have trouble making decisions about what to get and believing I deserve certain things.
    I really appreciate both of you with your vulnerablity and sharing of yourselves. I have felt a little bit of a heavy heartedness since starting this study. A dear friend says maybe it’s ok for me to feel this and stay with it………..

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