A Course in Weight Loss Day 31 Lesson 21

Our last lesson! We talk about the insights we’ve gained and our success in this course.

We talk about the changes we see and feel in our bodies and know in our minds. This was a good lesson to celebrate our victories. We are making good choices and it’s not been hard to do lately.

We do realize that we have more work to do and there are going to be challenging days, but we are listening to our bodies which feels amazing.

We have addressed the physical, mental and spiritual parts to change our lives. We addressed both the diet and exercise. It takes balance, moderation and turning inward to get all the elements to fall into place.

We talk about our body images now that we have been through the study and how that has changed. We are more comfortable with who we are.

We attribute our success to making the commitment, holding ourselves accountable, allowing others to hold us accountable, listening to our trainer, David at GT Fitness and being disciplined enough to stick with it. We now see good changes in all areas of our lives.

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  1. What is an ending for you, is a beginning for me.

    It was ao hard for me to read the preface, intro etc with scotopic syndrome diagnosis after being overwhelmed at the pace you all were progressing.

    I just did lesson 1 last night, i cried for 1 1/2hrs in my car
    This powerful magic, making me explore my inner world/self esteem or lack there of
    In ways i never imaged.

    Thanks for the idea

    Im moving along…slow ans steady always finishes..right!

  2. So glad you are seeing progress with this book too. It was a really great book!

    You will be done with your challenging class tonight. I am glad you stuck with it and the trial will be over. You will do a great job I’m sure. I will be dancing with you!

    We are excited about Edwene’s book. It is time to talk about goal setting, forgiveness, tithing and getting on purpose. See you soon!

    • Vivian Miller says

      thank you Sweetie. I am home packing. Yes the class is over. The final was really hard. Left some answers blank. I wasn’t gonna try and BS my way through the test.

      On to New York. I’m excited to see all my kids. I will keep in touch with the prosperity comments because we’re or I’m not done with that.

      Love a bunch.

  3. Vivian Miller says

    Well I am finally eating veggies and fruit for snacks. It does feel good. I do really “think” about what I’m eating before I eat it. This book was a mind blower and took me places I have not gone before in my lifetime weight loss effort.

    I will do the book again slower and more in depth and will check out the videos on my own. I feel like I don’t want to let the Abundance book go either, but I will do that also. That is like the granddaddy of it all.

    My class ends tonight. I have to take a final and do a presentation showing the database I created. Oh Lord, Jesus. I know at the end of the day when I arrive home I will be doing my success jig.

    What’s next? Edwene’s book. Yeah. What date does this start? April 1st. Nice little break

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