A Course in Weight Loss Day 30 Lesson 20

This was a really good lesson for us. As we read this one we could see things falling away.

Cindy could see the Great Physician replacing her ‘bad, hurt parts’ with light. People and events came up that she could then let go. This was like a ‘graduation’ for her.

Lizabeth felt God chiseling away of the guilt and shame and other ‘parts’ which allowed a light to shine through. She felt lighter afterwards. She knows she’s ‘really there’ now.

We truly feel different and have a brand new patience with our bodies. We ‘think’ like thin people now and we know that our bodies are the last to catch up. Watch out world!!

We talk again about some of the changes we are noticing in our lives, our emotions and our children. We have learned a great deal from this course and we are forever grateful.

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