A Course in Weight Loss Day 3 – Lesson 1

Only God has the power to comfort us. We have put food in the place of God. I worship the food instead of God. I’m thankful for the problems I have because it reminds me to look to God and trust Him.

Lizabeth is an emotional eater and had to come up with a plan B. When she gets the urge to eat to soothe the pain, she will call a prayer partner instead of bury her emotions in food. we have to find a way to express the emotion instead of stuffing it.

We can’t fail at this unless we give up. We need to celebrate EVERY progress. This is a practice and we will mess up and make mistakes. The important thing is to get back on track as quickly as possible.

We need to be kind and gentle with ourselves. It’s not about the scale or the numbers. The changes are going on in the inside, the outside will follow in time. It’s all about self-love and falling in love with ourselves.

We enjoyed lesson 1 even though it was really hard to look at the dark places inside, but we made the commitment to be truthful to ourselves. Looking at our fears and negative thoughts helps to change the outside.

When we stuff the emotions, we are parking that psychological waste material on our bodies.

In the second video we talk about how we are doing on the 10 day Food Challenge. It’s been a struggle, but we are making progress, which is the important thing. We talk about some other things we’ve learned from our personal trainer about our eating habits.

Please share your insights for lesson 1 below. We want to hear from you. Also, invite your friends to join us in this journey. It’s never too late to join in!

The first video shares our insights on ‘Embarking on the Journey’ and Lesson 1.

Our second video shares our progress on the food challenge and the valuable information we are learning from our trainer.

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  1. I really appreciate this reminder to forgive ourselves. You are so right when you talk about how easy it is to forgive others…. And so many times the topic of forgiveness is brought up as a need to forgive others. It is just as important, or maybe more important to forgive ourselves. Today, I am going to make a list of all the things I need to forgive myself for and I am setting it free.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    I was aware of feelings of fear around my database class. I took cereal and fruit with my on my tutoring gig. I made a commitment to do something different today and not be distracted. At some point I felt I wasn’t understanding some concepts and I just talked my anxiety down and said I would do my best to give the teacher something that evidenced an attempt at homework.

    My day was good. I stayed true to myself. I felt the feelings and let them dissipate and stayed focus. No WWF or any of the other little distractions I allow to get in the way. Yay to my God=self. To be aware, understand and know is key. I am not a pillow–I don’t need stuffing.

    • Great job Vivian! That took a lot of effort and I applaud your willingness to make the change. It sounds like you are taking a challenging class but you are up for the challenge. I believe in you. You can do it. You have proven that. 🙂 Just a little encouragement to keep you going…I love the pillow reference. I may have to use that one!


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