A Course in Weight Loss Day 29 Lesson 19

This was an emotional topic for both of us. The writing exercise brought stuff up for both of us.

This lesson helped us realize that we still have some fears about letting the new me come forward. Putting our self into our desired future really showed us the fears that still lie underneath the surface. But, it also brings a new excitement.

We feel that we have this new freedom with food and our eating. It’s just a knowing that we aren’t on this roller coaster anymore. We don’t eat because it’s time to eat. It’s much harder for us to overeat – not just physically, but inside too. We just don’t have the desire to keep eating past full anymore.

We talk about our small successes we’ve had recently with our food choices and how they make us feel. We also applaud ourselves for making this commitment and sticking to it. We are glad we did the exercises and participated completely. We acknowledge how much this helped even when we had resistance or didn’t understand the why.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Nice happiness from you two. I feel better too. I am glaf we were on this journey together.
    Today was a good day. Registeted for summer classes,studied a bit and had good interaction with other students. I feel lavish tofay. I know good is lurking around every corner. Found mire money. Just change but was unexpected moneyvfrom unexpected sourc

    It’s all good and all God.

    • It is all good. It is all God. It is a great life made richer by the experiences and lessons that we walk each other through. I am thankful for my lavish friends who are also my teachers and students. I am thankful that I walk through this lifetime awakened to the lavishnesses of the gift of life!

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