A Course in Weight Loss Day 28 Lesson 18

In this video, Lizabeth shares how she has honored the process she has gone through to get through her stress, hurt and forgiveness work.

We are still getting the rocks out of our backpack and moving through the energy, but we are ready to move on to the next lesson.

The exercise for this lesson was to write a letter to our old self which we found much easier this time around. We were ready to let go of her.

I found that asking why I felt the need for her to be in my life enlightening and was also relieved to discover that I really don’t need her in my life anymore. We found that there is no reason to hide behind her anymore. It’s a great feeling.

We decided to send the backpack, along with it’s rocks, with her as she goes. We are ready for that final Goodbye!

We notice a big difference when we overeat. It’s much harder for us to do that now. Thank You God! We also feel stronger at the gym than we used to feel, and not nearly as sleepy afterwards. We attribute that to more muscle and less sugar.

It’s truly important to honor this process and take the time to heal through each phase of this journey.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I must say there was an real upbeat tone to this video which was comforting. I have made some strides, but have not done deep work that some of the lessons called for which means this will be done again. I think I will do it on my own and stay with one lesson until I feel a sense of completion. I have certainly gained some awareness and feel understanding and knowledge are co-companions.

    I am glad I embarked on this weightloss journey with you. I did not weigh myself in the beginning because I just didn’t. Perhaps I didn’t want to know, but I think on some level we do have an idea of what we weigh, maybe not the exact number. So its been good for me as well. Anger I don’t crawl in the bed with too often, but when I have anger issues regarding my mom and her stubborness I know I have to talk it out with someone or just go into the silence and see it a different way. My overeating is not going to restore the mental capacities my mom might have lost so I don’t go there for that reason. This is not the end.

    • I am thankful I took the time to do the deep down work that this course asked for. I feel free from the power that I assigned to the food I was eating. I am now able to see it and experience it different way. I am not done processing and I will go through it again if I need to.

      I am so glad to have your company! I did weigh because I was weighing in at the gym. I am glad to see the drop in the numbers but I am more excited about how I feel. I feel lighter. I am now better at listening to my body and my guidance. That is worth more than dropping a few pounds to me.

      This is not the end, it is the beginning. I welcome the company friend!

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