A Course in Weight Loss Day 26 Lesson 17 Part 2

We are still on the lesson of forgiveness. This is a tough lesson and one we’ve decided to spend more time.

I had some big forgiveness work to do. I discuss how I worked through the process of forgiving, forgetting and letting go. I’m sure there will be more forgiveness work to do, but for now, I’ve dealt with this one the best I can.

Lizabeth is in the middle of a difficult time and needs to do a lot of forgiveness work on this one. She talks about the lessons she’s learned about this process as she goes through it.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Forgiveness is freedom. Takes two to house a prisoner — the prisoner and the guard. I remember that when I am angry. I vent and sometimes chew on it for a few hours and as I begin to see that person as my teacher I can move on.

    Thank God for detachment.

    • Great analogy! I haven’t thought of it quite like this. I can also see that when I hold onto anger or resentment then I become the prisoner and the jailer too. Thank you!

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