A Course in Weight Loss Day 25 Lesson 17

Ok! The event you’ve all been waiting for!! Cindy cries on camera! She got both of her feelings hurt today and shows the emotion behind that. One for the record books.

Today’s lesson is about Forgiveness. Lizabeth finds it easier to forgive others if the emotion or pain isn’t fresh. I think it’s also easier to forgive others. What do you think?

We both believe that forgiveness is extremely important to our health and our growth. Our teacher, Edwene says that all debt is because of a lack of forgiveness. I feel that unforgiveness keeps loops open that need to be closed so that we can move on.

The fire walk experience that we have both participated in in the past helped us to forgive by writing the names of people we need to forgive, or even writing letters to those people, and then throwing them in the fire. We discuss other methods that may help with forgiveness.

It’s my time for a breakdown I suppose as I’m in the middle of a new hurt in which I need to forgive someone. Lizabeth talks about breaking her relationship with her parents.

Today’s video is a little longer than usual. I really tried to cut it down, but forgiveness is such an important topic that I felt led to leave all of it in there. Hopefully, everything will be as helpful to you as it was for us.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I don’t hold on to a lot of stuff anymore. Its my biology. It just doesn’t serve me to hang on to anything. My biggest critic is me. Now how quickly I can let go of some of the dumb stuff I’ve done is an interesting question. I tell myself I don’t have 360 degree vision so I cannot always see my pitfall. I sometime disappoint myself that I “knew” better, but didn’t follow the correct path.

    I think of some of the ways I take care of myself. Where school is concerned, I am on point. Where finances are concerned, there is some work to do. Where my kids are concerned, they are the happy recipients of my years of therapy and 12-step programs. When I lose something such as money or a material thing, I bless it and hope it brings joy to the person who found it. I remember that one of the Buddhist principles says that our suffering is the result of our attachment to things. The releasing and letting go is getting easier and easier.

    Things from the past are passed. The relative who molested my son for yeeeers has even been forgiven. I just needed to stop holding on to it and hurting myself. I ask myself do I want to hold on to the pain or catapult myself to a joy-filled tomorrow. The decision is an easy one.

    The other thing I remind myself of is that ALL that happened to me in the past or the self-imposed happenings were my doing and God would just say let it go. I must say one of the books I refer to on this site is a Course in Miracles. Been a student for 20+ years and it has been a soul liberator. It is a difficult text to understand, but it gets clearer the longer you study. Being a student can be so freeing. I remember in AA someone saying ‘you walked in the door.’ Many don’t. Thank you God

    I have been traveling the high road for some time now. It is a good thing.

    • I need to take a leaf out of your book! I am working toward a new habit. Just enough stuff to go in a camper. We want to up and mobile soon!

      I have done radical forgiveness for my abusers and the years of torment. The minor irritations that I am forgiving now pale in comparison but I still have work to do.

      I have never read A Course In Miracles. My interest is peaked. I am a forever student. I will have to check it out!

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