A Course in Weight Loss Day 23 Lesson 15

We discuss how we want to be alone with our emotions. When does that become unhealthy? When does being alone in our emotions become a problem?

Sometimes I just need time to cool off and talking about it with someone else just seems to add to the emotion instead of help. I can see, however, that sitting in our emotion alone for too long can be destructive and lead to a spiraling downward, which is not good. We need the support of others. What is that healthy balance. We discuss these issues in today’s video.

We should definitely feel our emotions instead of stuff them, and sometimes we need to be around others to help us work through them. If you need support, then you should definitely ask.

This book was written for all levels of food addictions and issues. Some of it will not fit for all of us. We must pick out what works for us and leave the rest. Some of this resonates for us and other parts don’t, but we don’t always know how much it will resonate until we work through the exercises regardless of what we think about the process. We can make the judgement calls after we are finished. We just don’t know until we try.

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  1. You are a bright, funny, intelligent and bright light. You attract many more than you see. I am glad one of those who are attracted to you, made contact to remind you of the beauty you are.

    I think it is essential that we cultivate the space we need to grow as individuals. Once we can learn to be our own company, then we can invite others in and be in their space as well. Otherwise I think we can ‘leech’ energy from the group as a whole. If we all could come together as healed individuals, we could build upon each other rather than be a drain. I think that is what we are building here. A very powerful group based upon members who are dedicated to self growth!

  2. Vivian Miller says

    For as much as I like other people and I am a people person, I do enjoy my alone time. I invite people into my space, but I do enjoy being alone. It has taken me years to be enough for myself. When I am in a crowd, I do need the space to replenish my energy. Sometime I feel drained by other people and their neediness, but as long as I replenish myself I am good. After I tutor my little ones I sometimes go the park on my way home and just sit and enjoy the silence. It is just a way I can renew myself. My mom says I have always been like that, but during my married years I was so busy trying to be something I wasn’t and I thought I needed to change to please other people. Took me a long time to cry in a meeting setting because I had frozen feeling to appear stronger. When I get hurt or feel taken advantage of, I sometime need to replenish and be with myself or organize my thoughts to know I am not a victim and just need some self-love.

    I can isolate, but I know how important it is to be available to others when they need it. I can take myself to dinner alone and go to movies by myself or wherever. I was so needy when I was married and it took a major effort. There are times when I would rather be alone than with others when going to an event, but I acquiesce and remain open to inviting others to attend something with me.

    I am pleased that I know the difference between being open and closed off and I think I use my judgment to make the appropriate decision at the right time. I do have flexibility to the extent that I can make adjustments where needed.

    Funny, today at Sam’s Club my mom and I commented on a man who was walking and we called him cool papa. He was dressed fashionably and was an older gentleman. Eventually in the store I was in the same aisle with me and he blocked my cart and said, “I’ll bet you think you’re cute with that pretty gray hair.” I said I do think I’m cute to me. He told me that was the right answer he was looking for. I bumped into him a couple more times and he said he was following me. I got out of there unscathed, but I will say it was nice to be a little flirty. All is not lost!!! Sometimes we can think we’re nothing special and someone reminds us that we got their attention.

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