A Course in Weight Loss Day 22 Lesson 14

We talk a lot about the God Box exercise in lesson 13. We want to make available to you the cards that we use on our altar. You can purchase some of these in our store.

This lesson was depressing for me. I’m getting tired of digging all that stuff up over and over. Every time I think we are done digging up stuff from the past, here we go again.

Lizabeth seems to think I’m having resistance to this for a reason and I need to figure out why I am resisting this one. We talk about how we handle this differently. We also discuss how certain chapters speak to us more than others.

Do you cry in front of others? How do you move through the pain. How long does it take you to get through it?

The point is that we need to feel the pain when we have it instead of stuffing it. When we stuff it, it goes in our flesh. We need to feel the pain and let it move through us instead of stopping inside of us.

We talk about how our food choices have changed and how we’ve been eating better when we go out and not only when we are at home.

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