A Course in Weight Loss Day 21 Lesson 13

Time to feel your feelings! Do you feel your feelings or stuff them with food? Lizabeth is learning to feel the feelings instead of try and eat them.

I’m not much of a stress eater. I tend to process my feelings and work through them much quicker than Lizabeth. She tends to feel them longer and more deeply. That’s ok. We are all different and yet, perfect.

We discuss how we know when we are stuffing it vs. feeling it. We also talk about eating when we are hungry vs. when we are emotional or it’s just time to eat.

Do you know when you are hungry? Many people don’t know what hunger feels like. They have been stuffing for so long, they don’t know the true feeling.

The energy we have when we are mad, sad, scared, etc. has to go somewhere. When we stuff that energy we push it into our flesh instead of just let the energy go and use it to feel the feelings.

Exercise is a good way to work through the emotion and get the energy out of us. Karate and other activities help our children do the same.

We introduce the scale that we use to measure and monitor our feelings to make decisions. This allows us to take our feelings out of it and keeps us from hurting each others feelings. But, it also helps to show our true feelings without the fear of hurting someone else’s feelings. It’s GREAT for our kids because once they’ve been heard and expressed their feelings, they don’t feel that they have to prove something through their actions.

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  1. This problem is getting easier for me. I have to keep it in my conscious mind until grabbing for the healthy option or writing in the journal becomes the habit or the “norm” for me, instead of food. It is simply a habit. If I take the blame, shame and judgement out of it, it is simply a habit. I am treating my excess as a habit. One I am glad to take the time to change!

  2. Vivian Miller says

    Feelings aren’t facts–they just are. Been eating over feelings for yeeeers. Feelings are tough. I generally don’t eat over them any more, but I must say while at school I sometimes get a bag of chips instead of a real meal. I sometime don’t even know what I’m feeling when I grab the so-called “fix”. I think when we ride it out, we grow stronger and realize it was just a little ole feeling, nothing that will kill us. I know I’ve stuffed it when after eating I want to go to sleep. Interesting how the foodamphetamine works. It does its job which is why it happens over and over.

    To write about the feelings instead of eating over them is much more effective. Usually within about 20 minutes of writing the urges subside.

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