A Course in Weight Loss Day 20 Lesson 11 Revisited

Pat (Cindy’s Sister) and Carolyn join us in today’s video as we perform our ritual to signify our changes. We chose them to be our ‘inspirers’ and ‘permitters’ from chapter 11.

We discussed what this ceremony signified for us and how we felt about this ceremony in general. We also talk about how important it is to have support during this process.

In this ceremony, we each have statements to read. Then we cut up our fruit that was placed on our altar in lesson 6. We each ate a piece of the fruit to celebrate the changes in ourselves. This was the BEST tasting fruit any of us had ever experienced.

Pat and Carolyn then performed a ritualistic smudging ceremony for us. It was a truly touching night with lots of laughter and fun. Thank you Pat and Carolyn!

We would LOVE to hear about your ceremonies. What did you think about this exercise? What was your experience with this ceremony? Whom did you get for each of the roles? Please share with us!

Please add your comments below so that we are fed by you. Also, invite your friends to join in the discussion so that we can be fed by them too!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Just finished my study session with the video from the weight loss book. I just felt it was a nice spiritual gift wrap for me heading home after being here all day.

    I really enjoyed my healthy food today. I have not gotten to the ceremony piece of the exercise yet. I do plan to go through the book again and again. It is all good stuff.

    I applaude you two for going through the commitment ceremony and bringing laughter into it as well.
    You are role models for us all who are embarking on this path with you.

    Love you both.

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