A Course in Weight Loss Day 2

When we think differently on a regular basis then we will act differently on a regular basis.

A lot of times I eat from a sense of lack. I’m afraid there won’t be enough to go around.

Other times we eat from abundance – there’s more than enough and so we indulge.

Lizabeth didn’t want to do the weight loss study, but she realized that God is in everything including the food and she needed a new relationship with Him.

Spirit alone has the power to reprogram your subconscious mind and change you from the inside out. This is not another diet.

We will be studying these 4 spiritual principles (paraphrased):

  • Our body is the effect of what’s going on in the inside.
  • Our weight is not the result of lack of exercise or our eating habits. It’s all in our mind.
  • The cause of our excess weight is fear.
  • Fear expresses itself as subconscious urges which turn into unhealthy eating habits or improper exercise.

We are going to be getting rid of fear in this course and replace it with love. It’s all about love. God is Love. We are going to be studying love. Love is who you are and is the key to healing.

We have two videos again today. In the first video we discuss the Introduction of the book. It’s really good stuff.

We’ve hardly started this study and already we both have our fair share of true confessions. We want to share with you the good times, but also, our breakdowns and breakthroughs. This is about our journey: the good, the bad and even, sometimes, the ugly. This is not an easy journey, but one we feel will be well worth it all. The second video shows some of those hard times. We hope you enjoy both.

Lizabeth talks about clutter and how that reflects our inner world. She also talks about letting go and how hard it was not to bury her emotions in a Thai Chicken pizza. I talk about how hard it was to leave food on my plate. We have some pretty good insights and recommit to making this thing work.

Please share your insights, breakthroughs and breakdowns with us below. We get fed when you share. Also, invite your friends and family to join us as well. Let’s all surrender the weight forever!

Here’s the first video for you today.

Here is our true confessions video where we share how hard this journey starts for us.

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  1. Wow.
    Thank you.
    Your willingness to be transparent reminds me of the gravity of what I embark on with this journey. In a good way.
    That it’s just my life and I can choose to live it however I want but I will never get today back.
    I got up and ate a spoonful of peanut butter during the video. Without thinking. But then I thought wait what’s this? But I ate it anyway cause I figured I’d already gotten it out.
    What a great reminder from Cindy that it’s ok to let something go, to throw it away.
    I tell myself lots or stories as to why I must do things. Now I get to notice and see if they are really true.
    Ugh. I almost didn’t watch the video today but I thought, if not now when? Do I keep doing what I’ve always done and getting what I’ve always gotten? Not today.

    • As hard as it is to let you all see the vulnerable, it is harder to imagine doing this halfway any longer. This isn’t just a “show” for you all and more importantly, it is no longer just a ‘show’ for me either. I am doing this with you.

      I also have a mired of stories that I have told myself over the years that have helped me make excuses. I am done making excuses. I am ready to live for me. Today.

      I applaud you for your awakening to what you need. We will get there, one step at a time. 🙂

  2. Great insight Vivian and it will lead you to a great healing. Stand in your power. It is your light that leads others including yourself.

  3. Vivian Miller says

    I just needed to spew a little honesty here. Been at school all day doing homework and trying to understand database technicalities. Grrr.. Thought I was understanding until I got a problem I had to build a small database around. It didn’t work. I immediately went down to the bookstore and bought a b bag of nuts and after they were half gone I stopped and realized what I was doing and why. Fear. I think fear of whatever is the driving force behind the dysfunctional eating. I will continue to be aware of what I am doing so I can just feel the fear. I am a straight A student and started to dialogue about failing the class. I wanted to cry while driving home, but remembered my strategy of putting someone else in my shoes and telling them how to cope. This class is not gonna kick my butt. Just wanted to share how the fear catapulted me off my chair and into a bag of nuts.

    • I can totally relate Vivian. IT (the fear) has a hold of me and I am escaping it into a bag of or a bowl of or a plate of, before I know it. I am working on changing that, one fear at a time. Baby steps. We will get through this with baby steps.

  4. Like Vivian, I have long acknowledged that my weight forms a barrier of protection. As a survivor of child abuse and two rapes in my adulthood, my weight gain has been about making me unattractive- unconsciously I figured the fatter I am, the more undesirable I will appear and so the risk for objectification and abuse is decreased. This thought pattern I was aware of and have been countering. But as I sat here listening to your discussion- I had an epiphany that has turned my stomach into a mess of knots. The weight is indeed in part for protection. But it’s also a reflection of my fear of rejection; or rather my own rejection of self. I have used my weight as an excuse for why I am still single…despite being told time and again about how ‘awesome you are.’ Sitting here it hit me- what if no matter how thin I got again, I was still ‘unlovable’?’ Keeping the weight on ironically becomes a different kind of safety net- As long as I am far from my own personal ideal, I can continue to fool myself and say that it’s the weight that holds men back. Clearly that idea is safer than letting go of the weight and being confronted with a deeper fear: I am still undesirable as a long term partner. My pursuit to not be seen as a sexual object has turned into this cycle of self-hatred. I mean- who rejects themselves enough that they would remain overweight because at least you can use that as a reasonable excuse for the world rejecting you? Sadly, I think that perhaps I am not alone in this thought process. I just was unaware until now how deep the rabbit hole went. If nothing else comes from this course then this light bulb moment alone will be an invaluable lesson and the cornerstone in my foundation towards recovery and self acceptance. And yes- even letting go of the weight and embracing who I am and meant to be. Thanks ladies 🙂

    • Vivian Miller says

      Good posting, Sally. I posted my comment before proofreading and then we had a power outage. Funny I was watching The Bachelor last night because their behaviors remind me of my sillyness and the lengths I went to to get a man. At some point I realized it wasn’t working then food became the man, the job, the teflon suit. So now I’ve learned some better ways, but now I carry this excess package I would like to shed. I will continue doing the exercises and just take it in.

      I even went to treatment in Florida for food addiction. I learned a lot and came home emersing myself in chasing men because I had lost some weight. That was in ’86, and while I don’t chase any more I think I am eternally grateful for the things I have learned and the fact that I don’t put myself in harmful places anymore. Whew!!! I shiver to think of them.

      I know God has restored those years the locusts have eaten and I do want to be more open to meeting someone. I am a loving person and deserve the affection of a male partner, but in the meantime I deserve to have a body I feel good about and one that I feel no shame around.. I have more work to do.

    • I too, have the same reasons for putting on my weight Sally. I had a nightmare childhood and I “suited up” at a young age. It has taken me a long while to get to the point where I no longer need the armor. I know that I didn’t meet my other 1/2 until I got my 1/2 in shape internally. I am now ready to finish the internal work and allow the true outer shell to reflect it. Glad you are on this journey with us!

  5. Vivian Miller says

    I could feel you guys through the video. I did my reading and journaling from the book and had powerful insights from the writing. I don ‘t quite know where to go with this, buIlding will figure out what I want to sharing. I figured out my weight was my protection. Kept men away and numbed the hurt of rejection which I orchestrated. Crazy. My brick wall is fat. My fear was taking my clothes off with the light on.

    pOwer off.

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