A Course in Weight Loss Day 18 Lesson 11

Since this lesson’s exercise involves other people, we aren’t quite finished. We did choose an inspirer and a permitter but haven’t had the chance to get with them and perform our ceremony. We will report back after we do the exercise completely.

Lizabeth thinks this exercise is a great idea. I’m not quite there yet, but will be by the time we have the ceremony (I hope).

We have invited Emily, Lizabeth’s daughter, to give us some insight into her world. She talks about the 10 Day challenge and how much she enjoyed it (except for the fish). She talks about making choices and the thought processes she has about food. I think she’s a big fan of chocolate. What do you think? Interesting to see the world through these young girls eyes.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I have not embarked on the 10 day challenge yet. What am I waiting for? I have decided not to beat myself up about my choices. I am working on awareness and that is huge. I would like to drop 50 pounds before I go to New York in a couple week, but that’s not possible. The self love is so important in this process. I cannot forget my internal Goddess and how the thinself has been longing for an end to the battle and a coming together of my thin and fat selves to befriend each other live with a goal of peaceful co-existence through this process until the two entities become one.

    I did get a piece of pizza today and a small salad at school. I felt good about that choice. I don’t eat guiltily anymore thank God.

    I think I will try the 10-day challenge before New York and see how I feel. What the heck. Thank you again Cindy and Lisabeth.

    • Bravo Vivian. Peaceful existence is what it is all about. I felt GREAT after the 10 Day challenge! Enough so that a lot of the habits are sticking this time and I believe I am almost ready to start another one! No pressure. Try it when you are ready.

  2. Awesome – awesome – awesome!!!!

    You guys are doing great on the video – nicely done

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