A Course in Weight Loss Day 17 Lesson 10

We found this to be the easiest exercise in the book so far. We have already designed our lives to be the way we want them. We have some small tweaks to make to our day, but overall, we feel we are already there.

We asked ourselves where we might add more love to our day. We made the necessary tweaks. We also checked to make sure that there aren’t things in our lives that don’t serve us anymore.

We discuss how we got to this point of having our days the way we want them. Twenty years ago Cindy sat down and wrote out exactly the way she wanted her life to be. Every one of those things are now true today.

Lizabeth talks about how she made those changes a year and a half ago and how much happier she is today because of those decisions.

Listing what we want is the first step. Coming up with a plan within our limited knowledge is the second step. The Universe seems to jump in behind our dreams when we take the first steps.

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