A Course in Weight Loss Day 16 Lesson 9 Part 4

This exercise helped us to look back and process some of the events that have happened in our past to affect our body images. We didn’t let this affect us with guilt or blame or self-loathing. Lizabeth noticed that the seeds that were planted in her early years were carried forward by her self throughout adulthood.

Cindy thought it would be more depressing since she’s already dealt with a lot of this stuff in earlier years. She was able to look at it more objectively this time around.

Each time we go through this stuff again, it’s easier and we can be more objective. It’s easier when we take the blame, shame, guilt and regret out of it and look at it without taking it personally.

This process has helped us to have more sympathy and empathy for our parents and other teachers throughout our lives who led us into these wrong beliefs about our body. Listening to Mallory and our other kids helps us to understand our parents and grandparents even more.

The exercise helped us to forgive ourselves and others more. It’s also helped us to realize that we DO have choices.

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  1. Awareness leads to understanding which brings us to the knowing that wears peace like a warm coat on a winter day. I remind myself that if I want peace, I must be willing to be aware. Once I am aware, I must be courageous enough to understand. Then in the understanding I find the knowledge that the peace was there all along. I only had to put on the coat.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    This lesson caused some reflections that I didn’t want to make. I know nothing changes until it is acknowledged. I have done a number of 4th step inventories in my 12-step experience. I didn’t want to go back again and peek into an area that I had or thought I had put to rest. So I do what I do not want to do if it makes me better.

    Our resistance is what keeps us stuck in places that we “think” we want to be released from. So I look at my stubbornness and say why not try. When we fight for our limitations, they become ours.

    I just want to be better. I know I have to make different decisions and consistent follow through.

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