A Course in Weight Loss, Day 13 Lesson 9

Today’s lesson is about inhabiting your body. The exercise is about writing your life story as it pertains to the messages you have gotten about your body. We haven’t finished the writing assignment for this lesson, so we are going to continue it again tomorrow. We are also still doing the writing assignment from lesson 8, so we decided to take another day with this one.

We also give you an update on the 10 day food challenge and our weigh-in results. We all had positive results and explain why we are happy with our results even though they weren’t as good as we had hoped.

Cindy’s daughter, Mallory, joins us today to talk about her experience with the 10 day food challenge. Our discussion then leads to the lessons that Mallory has picked up already in her short 15 (almost 16) years. She talks about dieting and exercise from a kid and teenager point of view. I think it helps to see things about body image, working out, and dieting from a teen’s perspective in today’s world. It helps to see what messages we are giving our youngsters.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    This video was so informative and hearing from Cindy’s daughter was inspirational. It is interesting because I can remember being conscious of my body ever since puberty. Large feet run in my family so that was my first body awareness. I remember the embarrassment going into a shoe store and wearing a size 10 and them not having my size. I now wear a 12 as does my daughter. My husband wore a 15. Never occurred to me to be grateful for the money to buy the shoes.

    I feel I could spend 3-4 days on each lesson particularly the writing ones that require a lifetime panoramic view. That is why I need to review the book again. Also, sometime I am not ready to move on to the next lesson, but for now I will keep up with where you guys are.

    After bookclub today I took myself to a movie to have a respite from studying and did not eat popcorn or get a soda. That was huge for me. I think the awareness I have developed is huge. I love eating off a smaller plate. Let’s keep on keeping on with this. It is very beneficial. Would be interesting to find out how much you would have gained had you not been working this program.

    • I applaud your willingness to visit and revisit areas that you feel still need love and attention Vivian. I know that I used to skip over things that make me uncomfortable but doing the videos has really made me stop, look and listen. I am grateful for that.

      You can’t get behind. So if you feel the need to slow down a little than I suggest you honor that nudge. I am even though it may mean you watching my kids or entertaining yourselves. haha.

      Our kids are a breathe of fresh air and it is truly an honor to learn from them. I’m glad you got something from Mallory’s thoughts too.

      We are most definitely keeping on…

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