A Course in Weight Loss Day 12, Lesson 8

It’s not a matter of treating the symptoms any more, but we have to call on a power larger than ourselves. We have to surrender everything to God. It’s not something we can do on our own.

Our excess body fat shows that something is out of balance in our inner world. When we work on the inner world, things will begin to naturally balance. There are rocks in our backpack that we aren’t aware of on our own. We need help finding and seeing those rocks.

What does surrender mean to you? We discuss what it means to us in this first video. Our definitions of this word have changed over time for the better.

David, our trainer, was on the local TV station the other day. We thought you might enjoy the short segment.

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Here is the video of David at our local TV stations on exercises you can do at home:

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I was writing some nonsense from my ego voice and lost the connection and lost the message so I am starting over like someone with good sense.

    I love the discussion and incorporate it in my awareness, understanding and knowing each day. As I sat in the spa today I read the 8th chapter in Marianne’s book. I looked at the people entering the gym and realized how much I missed going so I am now incorporating that back into my schedule as I know I need to do. We have to have some way to burn off the negative energy and working out or swimming or sitting in the sauna will take care of that. It is such a wonderful release. So I went for a pedi and got a wake up call.

    Marianne’s book is the real truth and I am enjoying it although I have not gotten my place setting yet. I will do another round with the book when we finish this time.

    • Cindy and I have had several videos that failed to tape after we spend a bunch of time making them. I used to get so upset when that happened. We figured out that when the egos began talking, we would have all kinds of technical issues. Great lesson for me, that’s for sure.

      I love that you are truly exploring every aspect that comes through to you during these studies. I have to challenge myself to do the same when I feel like everyone else is waiting for me to get it. 😉

      I am really enjoying this study a whole lot more than I thought I would. I guess I am just ready for it now. I am done fighting weight. Rather, I am ready to release the thought processes that led to the weight gain and let Spirit shape my body to its ideal shape. Yeah God!

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