A Course in Weight Loss Day 11 Lesson 7

This lesson was much more enjoyable for each of us as we thanked our body for the service it has give us over the years. We asked our bodies for forgiveness and we forgave ourselves for treating our bodies the way we have treated them in the past.

We have a new appreciation for our bodies due to this exercise. Lizabeth gets a little choked up as she describes how she now sees the reasons for some of these exercises and how they have helped her to see herself differently. She had some insights about being the clay for the Potter to work with. She realizes that SHE is the potter and has the control to change this pottery which is her body.

We discuss how this exercise went for each of us as well as the adventure of finding and buying the oil.

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  1. Vivian Milr says

    I liked this video. It is amazing to see where we all are. I am accustomed to treating myself in somewhat of a luxurious fashion. Could I improve? I am sure I could. Some of my rituals already involve some of these things mentioned. Since I have been laid off I have not been as consistent about buying the really good stuff, but I have not scaled back on some of my cushiony practices. I think of where I was years ago or when I was married and how far I have come. It was an evolution sort of. A couple days ago I started my skincare “total” regimen again. I think we are all works in progress. Cant wait to see where I am I a few years.

    Keep the positives coming. It’s good to see you both work through the painful stuff and emerge on the other side laughing–not to say it won’t get painful again.

    • We are having fun that is for sure! It is a process and hard at times to let you guys in on the hard stuff, (especially since it seems I am the one with all the work to do!) but I don’t regret a minute of it. As a matter of fact, I credit these feeding friend-zy’s with helping me work through this stuff much quicker than I would have alone.

      I am still working on treating myself lavishly. Thank the Universe that I am still a work in progress. I would hate to think the game is up!

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