A Course in Weight Loss – Day 10 Lesson 6

This was a difficult lesson for Lizabeth. She realized that this is an addiction for her and it is going a lot deeper than she has been comfortable. This, in addition to the 10 day challenge, is making it really tough for her.

Cindy isn’t having as much trouble. Things clicked for her with the smaller portions that David discussed a couple of days ago. She’s not as much of an emotional eater.

We talk about our experience buying the fruit and placing it on the altar and the trouble we had with this exercise. We did not like this exercise very much. It brings LOTS of laughter today as we laugh with each other.

Lizabeth did have a beautiful insight as she related this to how she quit smoking when she thought she was pregnant years ago. She didn’t want to do something harmful to the new life growing inside of her. She realized that she doesn’t want to be harmful to herself by overeating now either, because a new life is birthing inside of her today… the new her.

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