Weight Loss From the Inside/Out

Total: Down 53 lbs* Halfway there! *Start weight January 2017 – 225lbs (lost 10 lbs) *Began new program in Feb 2017 – 215 lbs I have finally found the plan that works for me! This has been a life long struggle but I have finally healed my wounds from the inside/out and the scale, my […]

One of the Best Birthdays Ever!

Last Thursday (May 18) was my birthday! Lizabeth was determined to make it the best one yet. It was a very good day. She said I could do anything I wanted (within reason) and she would join me. My first decision was to get up at the crack of dawn, or as our kids used […]

How we Decide What to Eat For a Snack on Our Weight Release Plan

The whole goal of this plan is to keep our bodies in ketosis. While in ketosis, our bodies create energy from the fat in our fat cells instead of from the foods we eat. Too many calories, protein grams, carbs or fat may kick us out of ketosis. Too few calories and our bodies may […]

Eating Out on Our Weight Release Plan

We tend to go exploring a lot while we travel. So, while on the weight release plan, eating out has been a little more difficult. We are managing very well though. What We Look for in a Restaurant We look for steak houses, seafood restaurants or chains that we know have something we can eat. […]

Our Weight Release Plan

As of today, we have released a total of 55 pounds in 10 weeks. I’ve lost 20.4 and Lizabeth has lost 34.2. Many of you have asked us what we are doing to lose this weight. This plan is designed to put our bodies in ketosis. Once the body is in ketosis, it pulls it’s […]

Another pound gone!

It’s week 3 of our new healthy eating challenge. I’ve lost another pound and Lizabeth lost three more. That puts my total at 9.8lbs and hers at 14lbs lost for the three weeks. I’ve been a little frustrated that I wasn’t losing more, but that really doesn’t do me any good. Being frustrated will only […]

Sharpening My “Kindsight”

The question today for the 30 Day Emotional Eating Journaling Challenge is, “When I look in the mirror at myself, I feel…. because …”. Man, I wish it would have asked me what I see. I have an answer for what I see but I think that’s half the problem. I have an answer for […]

10 Things That Make Me Grateful For My Journey

I have not always been able to come up with 10 things I am grateful for whenever someone asks. Today, I have so much to be grateful for that I think in terms of what’s working right now and what’s not. I also have a much broader perspective than I did many years ago and […]

Dear Body,

I love you. I know I haven’t always shown it but I am beginning to fully appreciate everything you have done for me in the past and my eyes are opening. I am starting to see your beauty beneath all the layers of pain and scars. I am paying closer attention now to the things […]

Six Pounds Down and Counting!

Week one done. Check! I lost six pounds and Lizabeth lost eight. Not a bad start. It’s been an emotional, interesting week to say the least. It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t easy either. We want to share our weight loss journey with you because I KNOW we can do it. I’ve done it before. […]