The Power of Our Dreams

It’s hard to believe that we bought our Truck (Bruce) and RV (OPaL) a year ago. Seems like yesterday. Manifesting Our Dream I remember lying in bed the day we brought OPL home. We were so excited we couldn’t sleep. And then it hit me! Our setup was on our vision board! Even though all […]

R V Crazy?

We ask each other this question a lot: Are we crazy? Do we really want to LIVE in an RV full time? Our answer always comes back ‘YES!’ Other people probably think we are crazy. We don’t care. Others may call us ‘homeless’. We don’t care. Living full time in an RV has been our […]


I am ready. I am ready for change. I welcome the pain of change over the pain of staying the same. I am willing. I am willing to change my mind. I am open to allowing the natural changes in my body once my mindset is different. I am willing to accept where I am […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 18 Chapter 5 Challenge and Goals Update

We’ve both been a little under the weather the last couple of days so today we give an update about what it’s like to try and follow these challenges and disciplines when the body doesn’t want to cooperate. Should you try and continue the goals and affirmations when you aren’t feeling well or you are […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 16 Chapter 4 Goals

We discuss how it’s going with our goal list. We’ve been reading through our goal list every morning and every night and it was going well until yesterday. We have started accomplishing some of our goals and it’s not turned out exactly like we expected. We talk about the experience of achieving the goals and […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 14 Chapter 4 Our Goal Setting Experience continued

Today we continue our discussion about our goal-setting experience with the 10 steps from Edwene’s book. We describe how it made us feel to set these goals, have concrete plans and dates penciled in for each goal. We really began to feel as if they had already happened. This goal setting session seemed to empower […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 13 Chapter 4 Our Goal Setting Experience

We start today’s video with an update on the 21 Day Affirmation Challenge. We are both doing really well and having a lot of fun with the affirmations. Then we talk about the 21 Day complaint, criticism and gossiping challenge. We aren’t doing so well with that one. We haven’t had a successful no-complaint day […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, Day 12 Chapter 4 10 Steps to Goal Setting continued

We continue our discussion today with the sixth step from Edwene’s book on goal setting. We discuss the rest of the steps and then commit to following the 10 steps that Edwene recommends. We added our own 11th step of determining the next right step before we leave our goal-setting session. We also decided to […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 11 Chapter 4 10 Steps to Goal Setting

Today we start discussing the 10 steps that Edwene lists for goal setting in her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. We get through the first 5. We talk about our goal setting experiences in the past and how well, or not-so-well, we’ve done. We talk about the steps that seem to slow us […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 10 Chapter 4 Goals

We start today’s video discussing how we learned about goals. Neither of us were raised to set goals, and we don’t have very good practices now. We have set goals in the past and been fairly successful. When we get comfortable, we often get lazy. The only big goals that we’ve really achieved have been […]