The Master Key System, Part One #10

Keeping peace in my inner world will give me the ability to control my thoughts. When I have discord in my inner world, my emotions can be all over the place. What I must remember is that I have the ability to control my emotions with my thoughts. I can control my outer world experiences […]

The Master Key System, Part One #11

Even though we had a little trouble getting started (because of Lizabeth’s bad joke, her mind wondering, and Cindy doubting Lizabeth’s definitions), we had a pretty good discussion about our inner world and how it affects our outer world. We filter what we let into our inner world. How much of our outer world do […]

The Master Key System, Part One #12

My outer world is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside of me. Therefore my thinking directly affects my environment and circumstances. When someone in our house is in a bad mood, it directly affects all of us. As they mope and pout, they seem to create other bad things around them. As soon […]

The Master Key System, Part One #16

Today we talk about the difference between onions and snowballs. Life is like an onion, not a snowball. It unfolds instead of accumulate. We come to this world knowing all truth on the inside, and as we grow, we ‘remember’ and unfold the truth. We don’t accumulate truth like a snowball. Please share these Feeding […]

The Master Key System, Part One #13

Once we have the awareness and understanding of the world within, we will get better at manifesting in our outer worlds. Awareness brings understanding. Understanding brings a knowing. Knowing moves things into our sub-consciousness. Once something is in our sub-consciousness it becomes second nature so that we don’t have to think about it, we just […]

Master Key System, Part One #14

Today we talk about adding tools to our prosperity toolbox by taking possession of the power and wisdom we need. We become conscious of the world within, then we take possession of that by believing in ourselves. We step into our power when we believe in ourselves and the God within. There are many different […]

The Master Key System, Part One #15

In today’s video we discuss the practicality of the inner world vs. the outer world. We also talk about whether we can ‘give’ hope or not. We conclude that we can’t really give these kinds of things to anyone, but we can help to remind them that they’ve had it on the inside all along.

The Master Key System, Part One #17

Today we talk about gaining and scattering. We must believe we are worthy before we can accumulate or gain anything. It’s all about our consciousness and what we truly believe. Our current state of being is a direct result of our consciousness. Those who have an accumulative consciousness will have more while those who have […]

The Master Key System, Part One #18

In this video we talk about alignment and how we need to stay in alignment with God (natural law). Staying in alignment will keep us from discord, confusion and unrest. We must keep harmony and focus to eliminate distraction. Keeping this focus and attention will help us to be more efficient and peaceful. Turmoil inside […]

The Master Key System, Part One #19

Today we talk about how the mind and body are connected. We compare the body to a computer as to how it takes in information, processes that information and then produces a result, action or event – some sort of output. Our inner world connects with our outer world through our body. When we learn […]