The Master Key System Part Five 4

When we get a new computer, it doesn’t come “blank”. It has been pre-programmed with the languages and tools needed to function correctly with the programs that we have now. We are ‘hard wired’ at birth with the knowledge that we need to continue to build upon what are parents did. We come with certain […]

The Master Key System Part Five 3

Our mind is in communication with every part of our body. Our physical presence is always in contact with the mind and we are always in control. We are in charge of what happens to it and we have the power to impress upon it. If we allow something in that we no longer want, […]

The Master Key System Part Five 2

Most of us just “drift through life” for a period of time. We are convinced that we are merely a victim of circumstances, not aware that we have the power to change our circumstances. Once we have some crisis or challenge that “wakes us up” to question who we are and what we are truly […]

The Master Key System Part Five 1

Ninety percent of what we do everyday is out of habit! No wonder we “sleepwalk” through it! If we want to live a conscious life, then we must consciously change the habits we do not like. The more we consciously engage in our lives, the more control we have over its direction and outcome. We […]

The Master Key System Part Four Questions

We have fun with the questions today. They are tricky in their simplicity but it’s the “thought” that counts. Have fun with them! Please add your comments below so that we are fed by you. Also, invite your friends to join in the discussion so that we can be fed by them too!

The Master Key System Part Four 29-32

We are talking about getting to the meat of the matter. Deciding that we are just not going to be upset. Reaching the point where the intellect can and will master the emotions. This is a practice. How do we practice it? We have to face it over and over again. The first time, we […]

The Master Key System Part Four 28

Use it or lose it. Our minds need daily exercise just like our bodies do. Likewise, reaching our goals and manifesting what we want for our lives is a mental practice. If we aren’t seeing what we desire, we can assume that we are “out of practice” mentally. The act of exercising our physical bodies […]

The Master Key System Part Four 27

Manifesting what we desire comes not just from the thought about it. We must feel it as well. Once the feeling nature is activated, we cannot help but act on it. If we didn’t need the feelings to go with the thought, every thought we had would manifest and chaos would ensue. Cindy recognizes the […]

The Master Key System Part Four 26

Thoughts are carried on vibrations and we realize it when we notice that we are having the same thought or watching a room change with a single action. Thoughts become manifest when we focus on them. Have you ever tried to stop thinking about something and it continues to gnaw at you until you do […]

The Master Key System Part Four 25

Every part of life is a balance and if we over-do-it in any one area, we are out of balance. Even when we dream of a time of being able to do nothing but play, our lives would still be out of balance. Balancing our lives includes time in the Silence reconnecting with Source. Our […]