A Course in Weight Loss Introduction

21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever by Marianne Williamson Joining this study will get you an email and video each day. If your ‘weighty thinking’ does not change, then even if you lose weight you’ll retain an overwhelming subconscious urge to gain it back. It’s less important how quickly you lose weight, and […]

A Course in Weight Loss – Let’s Get Started!

We are excited to get started with this book study and hope you are too! We are seeing a personal trainer, but realize that we need to address the spiritual and mental along with the physical aspects of weight loss to make it a lasting change. In our first video we talk about why we […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 2

When we think differently on a regular basis then we will act differently on a regular basis. A lot of times I eat from a sense of lack. I’m afraid there won’t be enough to go around. Other times we eat from abundance – there’s more than enough and so we indulge. Lizabeth didn’t want […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 3 – Lesson 1

Only God has the power to comfort us. We have put food in the place of God. I worship the food instead of God. I’m thankful for the problems I have because it reminds me to look to God and trust Him. Lizabeth is an emotional eater and had to come up with a plan […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 4 – Lesson 2

This was a hard lesson, but a good one. The letters were hard for us to write but we learned things about ourselves and we both found that we have a lot of forgiveness work to do. We are learning to love the part of ourselves that is the over-eater – the not-so thin me. […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 5 – Lesson 3

Today’s lesson is about building our relationship to our Higher Power. We are building an altar of love to that Higher Power. We talk a lot about the altars we built in this exercise and what it meant to each of us. We talk about some of the items that we placed on our altars. […]

A Course in Weight Loss, Day 6 – Lesson 4

We discuss what evoking the ‘real me’ means to us. We have to be comfortable enough to take off the armor we put on before we can lose the weight. We acknowledge that the excess weight was formed through acts of protection or suffering and in getting in touch with our true Spiritual body, we […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 7 – Lesson 5

Today’s lesson is about falling in love with our food. Lizabeth is feeling a lot of emotion today because of these lessons and because of the changes she sees happening to her body. She’s not really sure where the emotion is coming from or what trigger she may have hit on, but these are things […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 8 – Lesson 5 Part 2

We decided we needed a break with this lesson to process this exercise a little more. We were beginning to get overwhelmed with the changes and this lesson brought up more emotion for Lizabeth. We felt Spirit is leading us to take more time on this one. Today, we decided to show you more of […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 9 – Lesson 5 Part 3

We are both feeling a little better about this lesson. We aren’t sure we are ‘done’ with it yet, but we have finished the exercise and have a few new insights. This is not an easy process for us. We talk about our experience shopping for our place settings that were suggested in the assignment. […]