A Course in Weight Loss – Day 10 Lesson 6

This was a difficult lesson for Lizabeth. She realized that this is an addiction for her and it is going a lot deeper than she has been comfortable. This, in addition to the 10 day challenge, is making it really tough for her. Cindy isn’t having as much trouble. Things clicked for her with the […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 11 Lesson 7

This lesson was much more enjoyable for each of us as we thanked our body for the service it has give us over the years. We asked our bodies for forgiveness and we forgave ourselves for treating our bodies the way we have treated them in the past. We have a new appreciation for our […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 12, Lesson 8

It’s not a matter of treating the symptoms any more, but we have to call on a power larger than ourselves. We have to surrender everything to God. It’s not something we can do on our own. Our excess body fat shows that something is out of balance in our inner world. When we work […]

A Course in Weight Loss, Day 13 Lesson 9

Today’s lesson is about inhabiting your body. The exercise is about writing your life story as it pertains to the messages you have gotten about your body. We haven’t finished the writing assignment for this lesson, so we are going to continue it again tomorrow. We are also still doing the writing assignment from lesson […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 14 Lesson 9 Part 2

Lizabeth isn’t feeling well today. She’s having some inner ear problems which are causing quite a bit of dizziness, so she couldn’t be in the video. We – Mallory, Emily and I – tried to manage without her. Since she’s been out of sorts, we haven’t been able to work on writing our life stories […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 15, Lesson 9 Part 3

Lizabeth is back! But, only a little. She’s still not feeling well, but she makes an appearance to help me introduce more of our discussion with Mallory. We’ve had lots of good response from the videos with Mallory and David. Today we will finish up our discussion with Mallory. In this video, she talks about […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 16 Lesson 9 Part 4

This exercise helped us to look back and process some of the events that have happened in our past to affect our body images. We didn’t let this affect us with guilt or blame or self-loathing. Lizabeth noticed that the seeds that were planted in her early years were carried forward by her self throughout […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 17 Lesson 10

We found this to be the easiest exercise in the book so far. We have already designed our lives to be the way we want them. We have some small tweaks to make to our day, but overall, we feel we are already there. We asked ourselves where we might add more love to our […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 18 Lesson 11

Since this lesson’s exercise involves other people, we aren’t quite finished. We did choose an inspirer and a permitter but haven’t had the chance to get with them and perform our ceremony. We will report back after we do the exercise completely. Lizabeth thinks this exercise is a great idea. I’m not quite there yet, […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 19 Lesson 12

Today’s video starts with a little comic relief… Lizabeth at her best. What does commitment mean to you? We discuss what it means to us and why we find it easier to commit to other people easier and better than we do to ourselves. We talk a lot today about journaling today. I have been […]