The 40 Day Prosperity Plan Feeding Friend-zy Introduction

We will be starting The 40 Day Prosperity Plan as a Feeding Friend-zy so that we can get your input this time around. Please join us January 1, 2014 for Day 1 of the Feeding Friend-zy. We will post a short video each day and we invite you to discuss the reading for the day […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 1

God is lavish abundance individualized as me. The Real Me. Today, we talk about the big “R” Reality vs. the little “r” reality. We talk about God’s rich, unfailing abundance and what it means to us. We hope you will join in the discussion below in the comment section underneath the video. You will notice […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 2

Today’s principle/statement is the second principle listed in the 40 day prosperity plan about awareness, understanding and knowledge of the Divine Presence as our Source and Supply. In fairness to, and respect for, John Randolph Price, we don’t want to list the principles here on the site. We want you to buy the book. It’s […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 3

Today’s Principle is about our consciousness of the Inner Presence as our abundance. We have everything we need on the inside to be, do and have anything we want to be, do and have. My outer world is a reflection of my inner world. When I spend more time improving my inner life, the outer […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 4

The substance of Spirit is my supply. My consciousness of my God-self, the Christ within, is what pulls this substance into my life.We have so much more power than we demonstrate on a daily basis if we could just get rid of our fear. We are capable of great things if we could just get […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 5

Today’s principle reminds us that money, conditions and others are NOT our supply. Only God is our Source and Supply. Our employer and paycheck are not our Source, God is. Our clients aren’t our supply, only God. Are we trusting God for our supply or are we living from lack? Are we allowing the supply […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 6

Lizabeth had a lot of fun with this one. I’m just not there yet. This principle talks about our inner supply taking on form and experience instantly and constantly. This principle also says that it’s impossible for us to have any unfulfilled needs and desires. This is hard for me to buy into. How about […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 7

Our only responsibility is to be aware that God is our Source and then act in faith on that Truth. When we truly trust God as our Source, then all things will fall into place. We don’t have to worry about the ‘how’. Not only do we need to acknowledge God as our Source, but […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 8

Today’s lesson gives us hope because God can make all things new, lift us up to the High Road, and restore the years the locusts have eaten. Regardless of what has happened or what we may have done in the past, it just doesn’t matter. Our future can be anything we want. Our future prosperity […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 9

Lizabeth is the one with the giggles today! Lots and lots of belly laughs today. We are definitely having fun with this study. God is all we need. The God-self within is who we truly are, without limitations. We are the possibilities of God. Lizabeth gets pretty deep today and it goes right over my […]