How We Chose Our Truck, Bruce

After our first unsuccessful shopping trip, we decided that we should probably choose a used truck instead of a new one. They are NOT cheap – at least not like we needed. We learned that a V6 engine with Ecoboost pulls more than a V8 engine. We also learned about GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and GCWR (Gross Combination Weight Rating). We learned way more than I ever really wanted to know about trucks and decided we wanted a V6 with Ecoboost, 2 wheel drive, 3.5L, 3.55 axle ratio, SuperCrew cab with a short bed. Before this shopping expedition, I couldn’t have told you what any of that meant except for maybe the short bed and 2 wheel drive.

R V Crazy?

We ask each other this question a lot: Are we crazy? Do we really want to LIVE in an RV full time? Our answer always comes back ‘YES!’ Other people probably think we are crazy. We don’t care. Others may call us ‘homeless’. We don’t care. Living full time in an RV has been our […]

What do You Really Want?

Do you know what you want? Do you? When we use the word ‘want’ we are usually thinking of something we don’t have, so a better question is what do you truly desire? When I was asked what I want, I started immediately thinking of things I didn’t have. When asked what I desired, I […]

Is it Wrong to be Filthy Rich?

Heck NO! Well, maybe not the filthy part, but there’s nothing wrong with being rich beyond your wildest imagination. I often hear my clients apologize for wanting to make lots of money with their website. They are afraid they will sound greedy. It’s not greedy to want more money UNLESS you don’t want anyone else […]

Tell It To My Heart

I have the honor to play some type of “Mother Role” for 6 beautiful kids, though only 2 of them entered the world through me. The other 4 consider me to be a kind of “Bonus Mom” but it is the same in my eyes. I would give everything I have for any of them. […]

21 Day Affirmation Challenge

We shape our experiences in life by what we choose to think. In order to gain more control over our lives, we must actively gain control of our thinking. One way to begin to change our thinking is through the use of affirmations. An affirmation is a positive statement of Truth. By repeating affirmations, we […]

Introduction to The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Feeding Friend-zy

We are excited about our new Feeding Friend-zy with Edwene Gaines’ book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance. Please sign up and join us for this study! We have both been long time followers of Edwene, spending time with her just about every month for the last couple of […]

A Course in Weight Loss Introduction

21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever by Marianne Williamson Joining this study will get you an email and video each day. If your ‘weighty thinking’ does not change, then even if you lose weight you’ll retain an overwhelming subconscious urge to gain it back. It’s less important how quickly you lose weight, and […]

The 40 Day Prosperity Plan Feeding Friend-zy Introduction

We will be starting The 40 Day Prosperity Plan as a Feeding Friend-zy so that we can get your input this time around. Please join us January 1, 2014 for Day 1 of the Feeding Friend-zy. We will post a short video each day and we invite you to discuss the reading for the day […]

The Master Key System Feeding Friend-zy Introduction

I told you about the Feeding Friend-zies that we are going to start here. Our first Feeding Friend-zy will be a study of The Master Key System by Charles Haanel. I first heard about this book several years ago. I bought the book and tried to go through the lessons on my own. I even […]