Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 32

Today, we are in somewhat of a minor panic. We have to admit that we just aren’t there yet. It shows that our trust is not as strong as we’d like yet. We discover that the panic is what holds the prosperity away from us because we freeze and don’t take the action we have […]

How to Fight Like a Grown-up

In any relationship, there will be disagreements. We’ve had our fair share. The good news is that with each disagreement, we learn more, and become stronger as a team. Neither of us likes to disagree or to have any discord. We both feel that we are beyond the drama, but sometimes, no matter how hard […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 10

Today we finish up the first round of this 40 day journey. We are 1/4 of the way done with our 40 days! This statement encourages us to take our mind of “this world” – our little ‘r’ reality – and to focus on God. We discuss what this means to us and how we’ve […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 4

The substance of Spirit is my supply. My consciousness of my God-self, the Christ within, is what pulls this substance into my life.We have so much more power than we demonstrate on a daily basis if we could just get rid of our fear. We are capable of great things if we could just get […]

Dealing with our Triggers

Most of us have had bad things happen in our lives. Or we’ve at least had the wrong ‘programs’ engraved in our minds. We have picked up patterns that don’t serve us. We often run across something that triggers that program to run inside our head. Many times, we don’t even realize that the trigger […]

What Do You Need?

I was reminded a couple of days ago that the emotion of NEED is based in fear. On the other hand, a DESIRE is not based in fear. When I need something desperately, I’m producing an emotion and frequency of fear which actually pushes the thing further away. I remember that I always have problems […]

Are You Still Dreaming?

What’s your dream? Or have you given up on dreaming? I remember the story of baby circus elephants who are tethered to large stakes. The baby elephant tries and tries to get away from the stake, but can’t. He keeps on trying but still can’t. Eventually, he gives up and even though the elephant grows […]

Prosperity Is Only A Step Away

Today is Day 33 on our 40 Day Prosperity Plan from “The Abundance Book” by John Randolph Price. I had some wonderful insights this morning and the point of this journey is to share, so here it goes. The reading for today is, “I am conscious of the Inner Presence as my lavish Abundance. I […]

Who is Pushing Your Buttons?

As a web developer, I make lots of buttons. I am in charge of my buttons. I can make them any color I want.   Or any shape I want or any size I want. I can make them do anything I want.   I am in charge of my buttons. You get that? I […]

Here Comes The Sun

Once again, the sun rises on another day and I am filled with hope of renewed promise and the fear has dissipated like morning dew on my yard. ┬áNo sooner had I gotten good and IN my hissy fit, (as adults we call our giving in to fear and the behavior it causes other things, […]