Bad Day or Good Day? I Choose Good.

Double RainbowI had a busy weekend.  Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, road trip to take my son’s girlfriend home, birthday parties, and my usual weekend chores.  I wrote a beautiful post for you yesterday but for some reason, it didn’t save and I lost it all.  I believe that everything happens for a reason, but it was still rather frustrating.  I tried to recapture the post from my brain yesterday afternoon, but it wasn’t the same.  It was as if it was more from me rather than the inspiration that it seemed to be yesterday morning.

I woke up tired this morning; frustrated and in a fairly bad mood.  I started catching up with a friend through chat who said she was also in a bad mood (although I never would have guessed it).  I realized we had a choice, we could either help each other spiral down into our bad moods or we could lift each other up.  I didn’t verbalize this thought to her, but eventually we turned it into a wonderful conversation and I am now in a much better mood.  I believe she is too.  Our Monday has been saved!

In my bad mood, the last thing I wanted to talk about was prosperity.  All I really wanted to do today was call off all my appointments and crawl back in bed.  Learning, reading, writing, trying to figure this whole prosperity thing out just felt like work.  It seemed that everything I attempted to do this morning turned out bad and I got disturbing email in my inbox.  And besides, my throat is beginning to get sore and I don’t feel good.  Yep.  Going back to bed seems to be the only solution to this pitiful Monday.  It’s just too much work.  I’ll start the job hunting tomorrow and everyone, including me, will just have to deal with the consequences and changes that will bring.  Even thinking back to earlier this morning and the bad mood, starts bringing it on again.

No! Stop!  Wait!  I am NOT going to let this happen!  I AM in control of my thoughts!  And I refuse to ruin a perfectly good Monday!  Which could also ruin a perfectly good week!  I am master of my mood, master of my thoughts, master of my life!  And this will NOT be a bad day.  It will be a GREAT day.  I have decided; I have declared today a GREAT day!

I am thankful for the beautiful sunshine.  I am grateful that instead of raking like I did all morning for Habitat, I can admire the sun from inside today!  I am thankful for the wonderful weekend I got to spend with friends and family.  I’m thankful for the speeding ticket I have to pay, it just means I have a car that can get me anywhere quickly if I need.  I am thankful for the lesson to ‘slow down’ that I received.  I am thankful for the other bills I have to pay.  It just means that someone has provided me a much needed service to which I am grateful.

I am excited about spending time with friends and family in my other appointments today.  I expect wonderful things to happen and I will feel so much better after going to these events.  I am thankful for the vitamin C that I have in my cabinet which will wipe out any threats of a sore throat.  I’m thankful for our pets who bring us so much love that it’s worth cleaning up after them.  I’m thankful for my teens who bring me great joy which always outweighs the fussing that I sometimes hear.  My life is good.  No.  My life is GRAND!  I love my life.  I love my house.  I love the way I get to spend my time.  I have more than enough of everything I need.  We are in perfect health. And I am grateful for it all!  I feel better already.

Today IS a GREAT day.  Today GREAT things will happen.  Today is BEAUTIFUL.  Today is ALL I have.  I will make the most of today.  Today I am prosperous.  Today, my life changes.  Today, I am love.  Today, I am a blessing to everyone I meet.  Today feels wonderful!  Today I will accomplish GREAT things!  Today is the best day of my life!

Ahhh, this feels better.  I’m sure it looks better on me too.  THIS is prosperity!

Much love!


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