Weight Loss From the Inside/Out

Total: Down 53 lbs* Halfway there! *Start weight January 2017 – 225lbs (lost 10 lbs) *Began new program in Feb 2017 – 215 lbs I have finally found the plan that works for me! This has been a life long struggle but I have finally healed my wounds from the inside/out and the scale, my […]

Sharpening My “Kindsight”

The question today for the 30 Day Emotional Eating Journaling Challenge is, “When I look in the mirror at myself, I feel…. because …”. Man, I wish it would have asked me what I see. I have an answer for what I see but I think that’s half the problem. I have an answer for […]

10 Things That Make Me Grateful For My Journey

I have not always been able to come up with 10 things I am grateful for whenever someone asks. Today, I have so much to be grateful for that I think in terms of what’s working right now and what’s not. I also have a much broader perspective than I did many years ago and […]

Dear Body,

I love you. I know I haven’t always shown it but I am beginning to fully appreciate everything you have done for me in the past and my eyes are opening. I am starting to see your beauty beneath all the layers of pain and scars. I am paying closer attention now to the things […]

Dear Food,

Dear Food, I want to take just a few moments to speak to you about our relationship. Bubba, it’s gotta change. I love you – you know I do. I have thought about you, obsessed about you, prayed about you and entertained you my whole life. I am tired of this now and it’s got […]

Living Beyond Survival Mode

Journaling my way out of the weight, Day 2. What do I want out of my life? How do I make sure I get it? These are the suggested questions for today. They are questions I have been asking myself for more years than I can remember. Of course the answers change as soon as […]

Healing the Weight Loss

I didn’t have a problem losing weight before I turned 40, in fact, I could put it on or take it off with relative ease. I chose to be overweight for most of my life as a protection against unwanted advances and it worked well. Now however, it is something that I no longer need […]

“I’m Just Being Nice Today”

Living on the road is the best decision I have made. It does have it’s downsides though. An ongoing dilemma: Buying a roll of quarters to do laundry. You wouldn’t think this would be hard, would you? This should be a “no brainer”…right? I am learning that this is a real challenge in today’s world! […]

Mad. Just Mad.

I am mad. Just raging, throwing shit against a wall, stomping my feet, cuss someone out, crash the car, run over a hated appliance, smash something, spitting, mad. I am fighting with my weight once again and I hate it. I hate the process. I hate the reasons. I hate that it takes time and […]

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