Another pound gone!

It’s week 3 of our new healthy eating challenge. I’ve lost another pound and Lizabeth lost three more. That puts my total at 9.8lbs and hers at 14lbs lost for the three weeks.

I’ve been a little frustrated that I wasn’t losing more, but that really doesn’t do me any good. Being frustrated will only add stress, and stress holds on to the weight.

Instead, I choose to look at it objectively. I am older than I’ve ever been and my metabolism has apparently slowed down to a crawl. That’s ok. Food is fuel and apparently I don’t need as much fuel as I used to need. I can work with that.

Do I wish I could eat everything in sight and still not gain weight? Yes, but I believe that everything happens just exactly like it’s supposed to happen, so this too, is teaching me something.

I’m learning more and more about my body and what it takes to fuel it. I’m learning more and more about what I need… and what I don’t. I get to choose whether or not that disappoints me or not.

I choose happiness and gratitude. And I am grateful for the extra pound released.

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