Add Our Quotes to Your Facebook Page

resource Do you manage a Facebook page? Would you like to generate random quotes for that Facebook page? Well, now you can!

I’ve fixed our random quote generator so that it will post random quotes on your facebook page. Just go here and enter your facebook page ID.

You can get this id by going to your Facebook Page. Your page ID is the part of the URL after so for instance, the Our Prosperous Life Facebook page ID is OurProsperousLife.

I found it by going to my Facebook page. The URL to my page in my browser address bar is From this URL I can see that my page ID is OurProsperousLife.

Once you find your Facebook page ID just type it into the form on this page. It will post one of our random inspirational quotes to your page. It will ask that you give us permission to post to your page. If you don’t have management permissions, it won’t allow us to post a quote to your page.

Our Prosperous Life Random Quote "Knowing you can is half the battle."



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