About Us

Our Prosperous Life began as the result of a life changing week with my best friend, Cindy, in the mountains of Alabama. We had both undergone tremendous changes before we became friends in 2012. I had gone through divorce, had children still at home, became unsatisfied with my work and craved Spiritual feeding that I couldn’t find close to home. During our conversations, I discovered that she too, was experiencing the same things. We decided to find some place where we could be Spiritually fed.

I was invited to attend a weekend seminar on Prosperity. Not knowing what it was but craving the time away from “life”, I was willing to go and listen. I came to learn that Edwene Gaines, the seminar leader, is a huge authority on Prosperity and she had written a book called, “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity”.
She got my attention on Friday night with her quick wit and fascinatingly, funny stories and kept it until I left for home on Sunday night.

During that time, I learned that Prosperity means more than just having a lot of money. It means having an abundance in all areas of my life. I was ready to make the changes to experience true Prosperity and I found a great friend to share it with me. We began attending monthly workshops with Edwene Gaines in the mountains of Alabama.

After attending for a while, we decided that we were ready to really jump in and try out the things that Edwene was teaching us. In May of 2013, we signed up to attend the Master Prosperity Teacher Training she offered. It was a week of intensive training. There were no outside distractions. We purposely shut ourselves off from the outside world so we could focus on this training. No telephones, computers, tv, or radio. I spent the week focusing on me and sharing the experience with just the few attendees.

We left the training ON FIRE and ready to share what we learned with the world. I had finally discovered the formula to “be happy” with the life I am creating and Cindy and I were anxious to share it.

When I got back to the everyday ‘life’ however, I soon discovered that this was going to be a process and not a fix. Cindy and I began discussing how we could live what we learned and still keep learning at the same time. We didn’t have a Spiritual place to go that didn’t involve over two hours of driving and we couldn’t continue driving to Alabama.

We decided to feed ourselves. The Feeding Friend-zys began because we started reading the book, “The Forty Day Prosperity Plan” by John Randolph Price and then discussing it. During one of those deep conversations, I mentioned that I wished another friend was there to join in and Cindy said, “why don’t we tape this?”, so we did.

We are sharing with you, our friends, this process to living Our Prosperous Life. We are sharing the friendship, the weight-loss, the finances, the family – in essence, our lives. We know that in order to receive, we must give. So we give who we are, from where we are so that you might gain from the experience and be fed.

As Edwene teaches, when we follow the four spiritual laws of prosperity; tithing, forgiveness, goal-setting and getting on purpose, we will LIVE the prosperous life. We welcome you to our journey to living OUR PROSPEROUS LIFE! And so it is.