Forty Day Prosperity Plan, Day 11

Today we start the statements over again with statement number 1. We can see a big shift in our thinking since starting back on Day 1. We hope you can too.

This time through the statements, we like to change the capitalized words to other words for God, such as Energy. This gives us a totally new perspective on what the author is trying to say to us through the statements. Then we replaced the statement with the word Energy because this is our best picture of God for our current consciousness. We suggest that you use whatever word for God that really speaks to you. What word describes God best for you? Use that.

When we look at these statements in different ways, we see things we hadn’t seen before. Using the words ‘God’ and ‘Energy’ really helped us to see that we are God (Energy) because He/It is a part of us as we are a part of Him. It helps us to see that EVERYTHING is God and God is in EVERYTHING. We are lavish Energy and the Power of God. How does that make you feel?

We hope you will participate in the discussion below. As in everything, the more you put into this study, the more you will get from it. Participating will help you to clarify your thoughts.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Sometimes I feel more comfortable saying Universe rather than God. I don’t think it matters what the eneregy is called since there is no ego judgment. I feel too like I’m the energy of good and an example of what it can do.

    I think every mis-step is an opportunity to practice non-judgment and self love. I can thank the Presence for the insights and insights.

    Funny, how I put on my fatgirl hat last night and beat the living crap out of me, but in this prosperity experience I am talking about my connection with spirit. Crazy what we humans do to language.

    I will keep on keeping on.

  2. I am still growing with you Ladies too!!! I am behind you all, but going strong! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was a powerful one. Just changing the word really did “bring it home” as you say Lizabeth. I used several different words—I liked Presence–“the Presence of me” wow. Also, Love.

    And this word lavish—have I ever really experienced being lavish without somehow feeling I should not? I don’t know…..but this idea of being lavish Abundance, lavish Presence, lavish Love–I really like that, it implies never running out, always more than enough for everything and everyone.

    • There is no ahead or behind with this, which is one of the things that I love! We are with you no matter where you are. (Might be a scary thought…)

      We LOVED switching out the words! When we started through the 2nd time, Spirit said to us both, “I have many names.” Each change brought new thoughts, deeper meanings and fresh perspective that led into deeper conversations. I am working on increasing my consciousness to include ME and that seems to be my biggest challenge to date!

  3. Vivian Miller says

    While at the study group I kept thinking of God as lavish Abundance. I thought of Lavish Abundance as God. I thought of me as Lavish Abundance.

    This was just a little twist of the verbage that crossed my mind throughout the day. I love it when I hold on to a thought from the exercise and work it.

  4. Vivian Miller says

    I loved the word substitution in this video. God as energy opened up my view of God. God as me was a comforting thought. Someone in my travels once said, “You may be the only bible some people read.” When I think of me as God it raises my level of responsibility as far as what I present out in the world. I want to be the love I want, the kindness that I embrace, the patience that is sometimes needed in situations that pin us to the wall.

    God as energy is a wonderful substitution because it is true. Nonphysical, all encompassing and always there. I only have to be aware, understand and know that God is there.

    Today is an overcast day in Cleveland. I am the sunshine that I cannot see. Yeah for another opportunity to express my goodness/Godness. Off to study group this morning. We are discussing the power of zeal. I am ready.

  5. I really like this method of changing the words! Great idea! When Cindy was reading and stressing the capitalization section. I was hearing God is Abundance, God is Source, God is Reality…I like substituting the word Love for God. I agree with Lizabeth, “GOD” is a loaded word!!! As someone who studies the language used in religion or more specifically the gender bias of male (andro) centric suggestion, the word exclude female. So, it works well for me to release the word.

    I’m Still growing with you Ladies!!!

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