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The Master Key System, Part Four #12

We shouldn’t start things we don’t finish. We don’t want to get in the habit of failure. This reminds Lizabeth of Yoda – “Do or do not; there is no try.” Don’t waste your energy on things you aren’t going to finish. Tie up your loose ends! Please add your comments below so that we […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 28 Chapter 8 Give Yourself a Treat

We have given ourselves a good treat today. We splurged on cupcakes from Gigi’s in Nashville, TN after a business meeting. We deserved the treats. We made time to go out of town for lunch. It made us feel good and we didn’t feel guilty. We give a short update to the other tasks we’ve […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 27 Chapter 8 Create Beauty

Today we are talking about making beauty a habit. We feel we are pretty good at surrounding ourselves with color and beauty now. We both had childhoods that were focused on survival and not beauty. We both appreciate the beauty in nature and our natural surroundings such as sunsets, sunrises, and landscapes. Lizabeth decides to […]

The Master Key System, Part Four #11

To make something, such as an affirmation, become a part of our subconscious, it helps to repeat it morning and night. Why morning and night? Because that’s when our subconscious mind is most active. Are you willing to say this affirmation? Want to join us in our 21 day affirmation challenge? Please add your comments […]

The Master Key System, Part Four #10

The “I” is the true me… it is the God part of me… my Divine connection. God is not destructive, He is only creative and loving. When we are being loving and creative – in harmony with the Universe, we are in touch with the “I” of me. Please add your comments below so that […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 26 Chapter 8 Take Time for Solitude

We made great strides on decluttering. It felt good. We make a new commitment to declutter at least 15 minutes each day. We are very good at solitude already. We take plenty of quiet time alone each morning as part of our daily routine. I enjoy my coffee and journal while I watch the birds […]

The Master Key System, Part Four #9

We get out of life what we put into it. If we don’t put anything in, we don’t get anything back. When we put energy into life, we receive more energy. We are either pulling things to us or pushing them away. Are you pushing or pulling? We shouldn’t get in a hurry or work […]

The Four Spiritual Laws Day 25 Chapter 8 Strive for Order

Today we start the two-week assignment for self-care and integrity. We start by talking about commitments and how committing to doing the feeding friend-zy’s have changed our lives in general. We also talk about the challenges and goals are going for us. Since beginning this study we have quit beating ourselves up as much. It […]

The Master Key System, Part Four #8

This is referring to being a part of the whole. We are one. We reap what we sow. When we mistreat others, we mistreat ourselves. Those who know this, have a great advantage. It’s all about the energy. When we understand the karma of it and that we are all one, we will treat others […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 24 Chapter 8 Second Force

Second force is an obstacle that makes you second guess your commitment. We discuss how we can tell the difference between the stop signal and second force. The difference for us is in the energy or the feeling of the commitment or goal. It also helps for us to check in with our Guidance. Second […]